Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our economy sucks, but it's getting better!

Some of our problems were discussed at a conference yesterday. The highlights?

  • Our economy is expanding. I don't want to say this was obvious, but at the same time, we have an Olive Garden now. Come on.
  • We have a high drop-out rate. Stay in school, kids! Seriously. It'll help you tremendously in the long run, but I understand it's not always as simple as wanting to stay in school.
  • Because of a combination of that and a decline in baby boomers in the workforce, we'll have a hard time finding qualified people to fill jobs by the end of the decade, though anecdotal evidence I've heard suggests this is already a problem. I'm often told by people who would certainly know that most people can't pass drug tests. Now, I'm a fan of addressing the drug problem with actual rehab, but that's another discussion entirely. I also think most people who are qualified move away. In fact, my boyfriend and I may be off to New York. Cross your fingers!
  • Businesses will be moving in to a business park in Dunbar and along 119.
  • We have good stuff, too, like airports and railroads.
  • Buy local!

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