Monday, December 29, 2014

The Nam on Twitter: The Ghost of Sherwood's Past

And then they played "Wagon Wheel," and the only thing missing was a fight, an old man buying me and my fellow 20-somethings dollar beers from the cooler under the bar, and the flaming bar when someone sang "Ring of Fire" at karaoke.

Monday, December 22, 2014

We're gonna be on "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding"

The only gypsies I knew of in this area are the people that my relatives call "gypsies" when they basically mean "white trash," but apparently, it's at least enough of a thing to catch TLC's attention because they were in Farmington filming a wedding for "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding." And more importantly, a fight broke out at the wedding, so basically we're about to be a national joke, y'all!
State police in Uniontown said Bryan Matthew Frost, 21, of Cardale was cited with disorderly conduct following an incident at around 8 p.m. at the Stone House Restaurant on National Pike in Farmington.
No, how dare they taint the delicious Stone House with their melodrama and likely attention-seeking antics to get their 15 minutes of fame!

No, seriously, the details--albeit few in number--sound suspiciously like someone taking advantage of a reality show being filmed at his wedding.
Troopers allege Frost began throwing glass cups at a wall in the restaurant and tried to provoke a fight.
I wish the young gypsy couple many years of wedded bliss.

We're also well on our way to realizing my dream of getting us on all Discovery networks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Laurel Mall movie theater closed

So, Carmike Cinema IV is no more--and so far, this news has only been spread by word of mouth.

Ex-pat blogger HGB has compiled many memories, including some of my own, so head on over to The Steel Trap and check that out.

Maybe it's best eulogized by this poetic Yelp review:
Survives by default. 
The worst projection and sound. 
No options in town.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Four men attempt escape from prison

Four men--and possibly a fifth--tried to escape from the prison last week.
Police said the suspects attempted to pry open a steel door with a mop handle.  
They were thwarted when the wooden handle broke, police said. 
The men could be seen on surveillance video pushing on the door in an effort to open it, police said. 
The men planned to try again the next day, police said.
"Police said" doesn't sound like words anymore, but this is great.

Anyone know if Ambrosini has used this to try to convince everyone we need a new prison...or if he orchestrated this to try to convince everyone we need a new prison?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Connellsville's Aaron's building gets sexy new makeover

You know how I go on and on about Connersville literally falling apart and people in power don't do much and the people with good ideas who want to make a difference are too jaded with local politics to try? The Aaron's building proved me wrong, y'all.

I don't know how many of you remember what Aaron's used to look like, but this is what it looks like now.

HOLY SHIT. Photo by Christine Pocratksy.

It's a tad unclear as to exactly what the building is going to be used for, but its Facebook page is listed as an event venue, meeting room, and apartments/condos. Honestly, any business in downtown Connellsville could be a great thing for the economy, especially when it looks that good.

The building was saved from demolition last year when it was bought for $1 by Terry Shallenberger. And lest you think the city got a crappy deal selling a building for a dollar, it actually saved about $200,000 that would've been spent to demolish it.

Everyone wins here. Progress is progress.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Man poses as military, solidifies reputation as creep and terrible human

Very late on this one because I just plain forgot to post after my brother sent it to me, but happy belated Veterans Day, y'all!

23-year-old Jonathan Michael Campbell of Uniontown got caught posing as military veteran...and trying to use his "status" to get into a middle school. Because apparently, being disrespectful wasn't good enough for him and he had to go and make it creepy, too.

Seriously, posing as a veteran for any reason--be it attention or in an attempt to get discounts or whatever other misguided reason these fools have for doing it--is downright disrespectful and wrong no matter what, to put it quite mildly, but my biggest concern here is what his plans were and why he wanted in there. I really feel that if not for smart, vigilant school employees and the cops, we would've been hearing about a kid getting abducted instead. Fortunately, it didn't come to that.

He went to Laurel Highlands, unannounced and unscheduled--which, duh, is a red flag to anyone. Geibel grads, remember how they always told us never to open the door for anyone, even if we knew them? This is why.

He claimed to be an Army veteran who wanted to talk to the kids about Veterans Day--again, unannounced and unscheduled. When I was in school, you know what they did when they wanted someone to talk about the military or veterans? They asked a military parent. Or teachers just talked about my dad like 1,000 times at assemblies until no one cared anymore.
“His appearance, behavior, and showing up unscheduled shed doubt on his claim to be who and what he claimed to be,” Wallace said. 
Man, what factor in an impostor's appearance could possibly tip off civilians that he wasn't who he said he was?
Campbell claimed to be from the Army but was wearing an Air Force uniform, police said. 
Yeah, that'll do it. So, in addition to being disrespectful and creepy, he's also an idiot. He was then escorted off the property and the authorities were alerted, leading to him being charged with impersonating a public servant and disorderly conduct. Oh, and he was on his way to another school when they caught him. Creepy. He said he "wanted to feel important," and while I'm sure this is a factor--especially considering he's also pretended to work at hospitals--his criminal background, which includes domestic violence and the sexual assault of a 10-year-old when he was a pre-teen himself, concerns me.

Props to Guardians of Valor for drawing attention to this story and posting this information on Campbell.

While I'm glad they were able to charge him with two crimes, I do feel something stronger needs to be put in place for those impersonating the military--Obama signed the Stolen Valor Act into law last year, which makes it a crime to lie about having received military medals or decorations, but we need to punish those who pretend to be in the military at all. As Guardians of Valor put it, people tend to inherently trust those in uniform, especially the military, which also comes with an added degree of respect. If you're going to abuse the public's trust, you deserve to be held accountable.

And as always, if something seems off, trust your instincts, research what you can, and notify the proper authorities.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Commissioners to nominate new chairman

The people have spoken! At last week's commissioners meeting, some angry rabble-rousers called for Ambrosini to be removed as chairman due to his vendetta stubborn insistence on planning a $32 million prison the other two commissioners no longer support. And the rabble-rousers, fortunately, are getting what they want.

A new chairman and vice chairman will be chosen in a meeting Thursday morning.
Zapotosky would not confirm whether his intention is to remove Ambrosini as chairman.   
“The county will be taking a step in the right direction on Thursday,” he said, declining to comment further.
This just gets messier and messier.

Speaking of $32 million, if you like what you read over here, why not support my Etsy habit and throw me a couple bucks via PayPal in that there sidebar?

Monday, October 27, 2014

We return again to that pesky jail...

Ah, yes, the jail.

I haven't been following the official news too closely, but it did come up in conversation somehow the last time I was at my parents' house in the county, specifically regarding the fact that Ambrosini is now the only commissioner in favor of the project. And by happenstance, an e-mail from reader/informant Marybeth trickled in a few days later, who recently toured the current jail.

Experts would probably know better, but the existing jail doesn't seem to be so horrible that we need a new one, especially with the hassle it's become. Don't get me wrong, the jail looks pretty terrible in pictures Marybeth passed along, but I'm not sure it's the kind of damage that warrants a whole new building. The powers that be claim repairs would be too expensive...yet a new, $50 million jail is apparently super affordable.

From the e-mail:
ALL I noted was purposeful neglect!! YEP...the jail is NO FALLING APART and beyond repair..not at all. THE roof had leaked so often....that they never repaired the ceiling...cause" it will just happen again" YEP...that's whatr the asshole guards told me when i asked why the pipe was showing and the mold/rust all around "it"....uhh...when it rains, it will just leak all over again..."...
WHY not repair the roof again? Uhh.there's no money. 
SO....they proudly showed me the light fixture dripping water into the white has rained that morning....and I said, "well...isn't that a potentinal fire hazard or electrical issuer? Uggg....we can't stop it.
Actually, this kind of reminds me of the time my dad insisted my uncle's house was a death trap that should be condemned and I was just like, "Nothing some cleaning supplies and power tools won't fix."

Now, at this point, people questioning/disapproving of the jail is nothing new, and I'm sure our commissioners are pretty sick of it. But in the midst of it all, a plausible conspiracy theory has emerged--that the damage to the existing jail is due to intentional neglect, and I'm told everyone who spoke at the commissioners' meeting last week referenced the damage as neglect.

From that pesky meeting
Of course, if it is neglect, I guess we can assume it was done to get a new jail built...and at this point, the only supporter left standing is pretty much Ambrosini. Personally, obvious potentially intentional damage aside, I'm curious as to why he wants a new jail so bad. It certainly seems like some sort of personal agenda right now rather than a safety concern or money issue, and what I find the most personally disappointing is that a new commissioner seemed so promising.

Stay tuned, because I'm sure this isn't the end of the saga...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Murder (Mystery Dinner) in the Mountains

So, I've always wanted to go to a murder-mystery dinner. They just always sounded like a fun, interesting time to me, so when I saw a Groupon pop up for one at Christian W. Klay winery, I jumped on it...except by the time I saw it, it already sold out. But then it popped up again, I'm guessing because the winery realized Groupon promotion was a huge success.

I realized after I bought it that I probably should've check the menu first since I'm a vegetarian, but I lucked out and it was buffet. Buffet for a vegetarian usually means worst-case scenario, you'll get a veggie and probably pasta...and pasta is my favorite anyway.

I started to get antsy the day of when I looked up reviews. The winery itself scored okay, but some complained that the murder-mystery dinner was too cheesy and the food wasn't great. I say these people are mostly uppity, negative humans.

This wasn't just my first murder-mystery dinner--it was my first visit to a winery, so I'm definitely out of my level of expertise here. My experience with wine is generally having one glass, getting drunk off that, then getting really tired and wanting to take a nap. Most wines taste the same to me. I could describe moonshine a hell of a lot better than I could a wine, like a true Fayettenamese. I mean, I'm pretty sure most wineries aren't barns in the mountains like Christian Klay is, but this is Fayette County. Everything is in barns here. My aunt runs a dress shop out of a barn...and I got all my prom and formal dresses there because it's great, and you should go and tell her I sent you.

Now, a barn in the mountains in October is naturally gonna be a bit cold, but they warmed it well. We were seated six to a table, which I wasn't thrilled with initially, but it did end up being a neat way to talk to people. Everyone at our table was a first-time visitor, and they were all nice to talk to.

The night started with a wine tasting. We got to try nine wines, and my boyfriend and I kept a tally of which ones we liked. Both other couples at our table bought wine early on and offered us a taste of that, which ended up being the table favorite--Summit Mist. It's so good. I highly recommend it. My other favorite was the Raspberry Frost. We meant to buy ourselves some at the end of the dinner, but it ran a bit longer than we thought and we both had to be up for work early the next morning, so we decided we'll head back up another time. Maybe we'll get to try the Spiced Apple then, too, since they were running low and weren't offering it for the tasting.

And then we had dinner, which wasn't as terrible as online reviews suggested but wasn't necessarily impressive, either. Then again, the main draw is the wine and the murder mystery, isn't it? Especially when everyone ends up a little buzzed.

And the murder-mystery part was fun. Yes, it was a little cheesy like the other reviews said, but not so much so that it was bad or unenjoyable, especially considering it's pre-Halloween dinner theater. Actually, I thought it was the perfect level of cheesy to make it fun and not super serious. You want to enjoy the night, not feel like you're really in the midst of a murderer.

Of course, we were wrong about who the murderer was, and I blame overthinking--not the wine. We disregarded the most obvious suspect because--and this is the downfall of being bookworms and writers--we thought it was a red herring, a suspect meant to throw us off. That said, our theory as to who did it was pretty solid.

Maybe we'll do better next year and stock up on that Summit Mist.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you have the next two weekends to get yourself up there...and bring me some Summit Mist.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Nam on Twitter: Change Purse

Someone capitalize on this, write "Fayette County Coin Purse" on sandwich bags, and rake in those profits.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: The Many Faces of Bavarian Kreme

I doubt this is a problem unique to Fayette County, but still...

I encourage you all to join me in my quest of thinking of as many weird, potentially inappropriate alternate names for "Ovarian Bavarian Kreme" as possible.

My brother isn't thrilled about working at Dunkin' Donuts until he goes into the military...but I am!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: Seems Legit

Courtesy of my brother's Facebook.

Maybe this business is owned and operated by whoever runs the beer trailer at the fair.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: Connellsville Trick-Or-Treat

From Connellsville mayor Greg Lincoln's Facebook:

Yes, trick-or-treat has been moved from a Sunday afternoon to Halloween night from 6 to 8 p.m. Travesty!

Connellsville, your mayor's got a point--Connellsville doesn't turn into some lethal cesspool after dark, and I'm saying this as someone who occasionally drinks until very late at night at Lynn's. Yeah, things happen and they always will, but 6 to 8 on Halloween probably isn't going to put your kids or anyone else in any danger.

In fact, trick-or-treating on Halloween will probably just be more fun, and what kid wants to trick-or-treat and binge on their candy on a school night? Let's be real, here--weekend trick-or-treat will make your lives easier, parents.

But if you're that worried, you could always do what my parents did with my brother and I--drive us around to relatives' houses instead of neighborhood trick-or-treat. Which sounds like overprotective overkill now that I'm an adult, but we had fun and never missed out on a whole hell of a lot without the full door-to-door experience.

Or you can get in on the festivities in my parents' neighborhood, especially since I'm pretty sure all the parents there invite all their relatives and friends kids' up anyway. Which is a pretty good idea if you're concord about crime and safety in your own neighborhoods...

P.S.: If I help with trick-or-treat and I'm down to our last nice pre-made treat bags and am progressing to good-but-not-awesome treat bags because we ran out of most candy and your kid is dressed as a Wizard of Oz character or something else I like, I'll play favorites and give that kid one of the better bags. Unless maybe they're with siblings because we all know how that one will end.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fayette County among hardest places to live in the country

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this on Facebook! Remember, if you want me to write about something, send it my way. I make no promises, but my readers tend to send me really interesting stuff. And I am but one expat with a day job and other writing ventures.

According to a new study, Fayette County is one of the hardest places to live in the country. After measuring six data points--education (percentage of residents with at least a bachelor's degree), median household income, unemployment rate, disability rate, life expectancy, and obesity--things aren't looking so great for us.

The numbers are pretty interesting--median income of about $38,000, 14% are college educated, 9.3% are unemployed, 4.4% are on disability, and 42% are obese. The full study, as linked above, goes into more of the comparisons and such.

Interestingly, comparable counties are mostly in the south. Although for some local perspective, Westmoreland County--where my boyfriend lives--is closer to the best, and Washington County--where I live--is more in the middle. Now, I've always held the theory that people from the Nam who do get college educations or generally do pretty well for themselves ultimately leave for a better area, and so far, that's anecdotally true. My boyfriend and I both took our degrees and went to neighboring counties, while I know of others who left for different states entirely. And for a quick numbers comparison for how things go when you cross those county lines, Washington County has a median income of $53,000, 25% are college educated, 7.3% are unemployed, 1.7% are on disability, and 39% are obese. Westmoreland County has a median income of $49,000, 24.7% are college educated, 7.4% are unemployed, 1.6% are on disability, and 36% obese.

Fayettenam, maybe we can look to our neighbors for ideas on how to boost ourselves up a bit.

Friday, August 22, 2014

SPCA's license revoked

Anyone else find it ironic that "SPCA" stands for "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals"?
More than 50 dogs and cats were removed from a Fayette County animal shelter just days after state officials revoked its license after allegedly finding numerous sick dogs and multiple health violations.

Read more:
More than two dozen citations were filed against the SPCA, including ones for failing to maintain sanitary conditions and vaccinate dogs within 10 days.
Inspectors who visited the Uniontown shelter on July 16 and Aug. 7 found sick dogs, piles of feces and an insect infestation.
The animals have been moved to Animal Friends of Westmoreland. They're still under quarantine, meaning they can't be adopted out, but when they're cleared, I strongly suggest our friends (and expats?) in Westmoreland County who are looking to add a pet to their family to consider Animal Friends--or any shelter, really. In the meantime, the animals will fortunately finally be getting the care they deserve, with costs estimated to be around $20,000. So I'm sure Animal Friends would love monetary donations and volunteers, as well. And if you have a smartphone, download the free app Walk for a Dog--it donates money to a shelter of your choice for every mile you walk, and I've let Fayette Friends of Animals know so they can look into it and hopefully get on the list.
"It's heartbreaking. There are a lot of good dogs here. They didn't ask for this," said Tammy McGregor, who had worked at the Fayette SPCA for nearly five years. "We've passed every other inspection up until recently."
Look, I'm sure they have passed inspection until recently, but this is a pretty damn huge way to fail an inspection. Beyond that, I've heard that they've had troubles in the past, and when I discussed the issue with someone I know who works with a local vet, she said, "This was a long time coming." Someone dropped the ball, and I don't mean literally so a dog could play with it. The dogs were probably all too sick to play, anyway.
Fayette SPCA president Sam Hunt says the facility has spent $15,000 since July 16 to clean the building and make repairs. The shelter had a week to appeal the revocation, but McGregor said at this point, the SPCA board did not plan to reopen the shelter.
Keeping it closed is probably for the best at this point, but way to give a shit, SPCA board!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Laurel Caverns rappelling

Until yesterday, I'd only been to Laurel Caverns once, and it was when my parents took my brother and I when we were pretty young. But I remember getting to see a bat up close and an optical illusion where a hill is so steep, it looks like a golf ball on a rail actually rolls uphill. This steep hill is also the reason why my legs are still sore. Anyway, I remember it was a pretty cool place, too, because duh, it's a big-ass cave.

After a trip to the movies last weekend, my boyfriend's college roommate was like, "Next weekend, rappelling at Laurel Caverns." Now, there was a time when I would've refused or needed lots of coercing, and while I wasn't really crazy about the idea of rappelling until I actually did it, I somehow went along with this pretty easily.

And I actually highly recommend it for something fun to do!

They recommend you get there early, although horrible fog meant my boyfriend and I made it just in time, and the rappelling instructors tell you and show you everything you need to know. This is entirely beginner-friendly--most of us in the group had never rappelled before. And it's pretty straightforward, and it's also super safe. As they tell you in your instructions, they've had rescue dogs in training do this.

Once you get strapped into your harness, helmet, and gloves, you get a little mini tour of the caverns, and you get to gaze up at the rock wall you'll be rappelling down. And honestly, it actually calmed my nerves a little bit to actually see it in person. It's a 40-foot rappel, but it doesn't look intimidating at all.

Until you're 40 feet up on the platform, of course, waiting for your turn--and in my case, insisting to go neither first nor last but either before or after my boyfriend. The scariest part, though, is the first rappel--it felt strange to sit back into the harness and let it support me. Not because I didn't trust that the equipment was safe--I actually trusted the equipment immensely, as well as one of the instructors who operates the safety line in case something does go awry--but just because it's a bizarre physical feeling. And then comes the awkward first step off the edge.

But after that, it's fun. The first rappel is awkward and a little scary as you get used to the sensations and the actual process of the rappel. But fortunately, you actually get three rappels, and even after our first one, we were joking about using the other two to race each other--although you descend one at a time, we were talking about timing each other. That said, I was still a little nervous going down, though I did go faster and faster each time. My problem was going too fast felt weird, although some of the rappellers in our group had no problem coming down in seconds. Some of us even had an audience, as the regular tour groups pass by and stop to watch and occasionally applaud.

All in all, the hardest part is climbing up that damn hill three times to rappel down then finish the cave tour. When you're all done, you get a certificate. And we also have video and photo proof that we actually did it.

So for something fun and a little adventurous, definitely go for rappelling at Laurel Caverns. It costs 35 bucks, which gets you three rappels and a little tour, which lasted about three hours total. Granted, that also depends some on how fast everyone does their rappels.

Maybe I'll take on spelunking next.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fayette SPCA quarantined

From the Post-Gazette: 
An unknown infectious disease at the Fayette SPCA that has killed 10 dogs in as many days has caused the state Department of Agriculture to quarantine the shelter, a spokeswoman said.
The dogs, which were euthanized or died in their kennels, are suspected to have had parvovirus, distemper or intestinal worms, state department spokeswoman Samantha Krepp said. 
Most shelters will quarantine themselves, but the SPCA did not follow protocol, she said. "Our goal is to make sure these animals are safe, and our goal is to make sure no other dog gets sick," Ms. Krepps said.
As a result, no animals can go in or out for at least four to six weeks.

Frankly, any organization caring for and attempting to adopt out animals that fails to follow protocol, resulting in widespread illness and death of animals, should be shut down. Because this is the SPCA and they're basically the county's animal control, that's probably not going to happen. But any employees responsible should absolutely be sacked. There were clearly multiple failures here, and those responsible need to be held accountable.

That said, the most important thing now is to get the animals healthy, and the SPCA needs help doing that. They need bleach, Pinesol, dog food, deck rakes, garbage bags, and antibacterial dish soap. Donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8 to 4 or Saturday until noon. Volunteers are also needed.

They're also in need of a veterinarian to vaccinate the dogs for kennel cough in case any kind, local souls are willing to do so at a low cost.

Now, in the meantime, this means that added strain will be put on other local shelters that are already full. Fayette Friends of Animals--the only no-kill shelter in the area that's also much cleaner and more reputable--is full and can't take in any more animals, so I'm sure that if you're looking for a pet right now, FFOA would be glad to see some of their animals adopted out into a loving forever home, and you can make that happen!

I've praised FFOA multiple times, but they truly are a great shelter--and shelter animals make great pets. My parents got my puppy brother there when I was in college.

I know what you're thinking--"But which one is the puppy brother!?"
Other than being a spoiled brat with very selective hearing, Duke is an awesome dog. He's so fun and lovable and affectionate, and after I went home after a recent road trip with him and my parents to Ohio for his post-cataract-surgery checkup, he put his paw on the door, looked for me, and whined. He is the cutest.

Check out FFOA and adopt, or donate supplies or time to the SPCA when they need it most--or both! I don't want to have to make this blog the equivalent of a sad commercial. I am not above changing the blog header to a slideshow of animals who need homes and setting to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" to auto play when you visit the site.

Ironically, that song is used in ads for SPCA.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Golfers hospitalized after fight over rules

This is why we can't have nice things.
An argument about water hazard rules started on the fifth hole. The debate “escalated quickly” in the fairway of the seventh hole. 
“One of my pro shop employees got a call that someone got hurt on No. 7, got hit with a club, but thought it was a ball,” said golf course owner Joseph Gudac Jr.
I get arguing over rules. Fine. Anyone who has ever played a board game with a sibling has been there. But I like that they just kept going until they got physical, although that's obviously the only way we know how to solve our problems.
When he arrived, Gudac found a 43-year-old golfer who was seeing birdies of a different kind. 
“Symptoms of a concussion, says he was hit with a club,” Gudac said.
The golfers' names haven't been released, which leads me to believe they're well-known/reputable enough in the area that some reputations may be bruised and some people may be embarrassed--especially considering this was the Fayette County Open Championship. On second thought, that makes the violence all the more expected.

Both are being charged with assault.

And quite unsurprisingly, Gudac also said he was "embarrassed."

Friday, August 1, 2014

So, It Hasn't Been a Great Week for the Fair

I was just out of town with my parents and dog, lamenting the likelihood that I'd miss the fair festivities this year--but from the sounds of things, the fair was a bit rough this year.

The trouble started with the abysmal weather we've been having, which meant the fair's fireworks were postponed twice and other events got canceled.

Then a man was injured on an ATV during motocross events.

And then last night, a horse was killed in an accident involving two cars.
[A]n SUV was traveling northbound on Route 119 near Ranch Road in when it struck the horse at 9:56 p.m. A passenger in the SUV was flown to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. 
The fair board has yet to comment, but the horse was involved in events at the fair. The Facebook theory is that the horse got spooked during the rescheduled fireworks. This hasn't been confirmed, but it does seem likely and fireworks while animals are out does seem unwise. I mean, my aforementioned dog is hard enough to wrangle during fireworks.

The good news is you can win a knife that says "SUPER BITCH."

UPDATE: So, a U-Haul overturned nearby Saturday night, so basically all emergency personnel is so done and glad the fair is over.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Children to name road to jail

Because what better way to name the road to a jail than hold a contest for students? It's one of those things that sounds like a joke, but nope, it's real. And anyway, who needs traditional student contests like anti-drunk-driving posters or projects on historical Connellsville?

The winner will get a $200 gift card, but the good news is it was paid for through personal contributions and we're not dicking around as a county spending 200 bucks to name a road, most likely because no one had any worthy ideas at a commissioner's meeting.

If your kid (or you posing as a kid) wants to enter, e-mail your submission to by 9 a.m. Friday and include the child's name, address, phone number, grade, and school. Fayette 911 will review the entries, and the winner will be chosen by the prison working group.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Facebook was so UT yesterday

I'm guessing this was a thing yesterday, because more than one person posted "so UT" statutes--and by that I mean two--and I saw a spike in hits on my "So UT" blog post. So I don't know what the deal is, but I'm stealing your Facebook proof of how UT y'all are.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fayette County Cultural Trust receives grant

How about something good and not mock-worthy? The county's Cultural Trust has received a grant for $100,000. The money will be used to improve Connellsville.
Fayette County Cultural Trust President Michael Edwards said the grant will be used in ways to improve the appearance and the commercial heartbeat of the city. 
“This is just overwhelming,” Edwards said. The money will be used to continue beautification projects such as decorative benches, trash receptacles and hanging planters and baskets, and in other areas to boost the economic development of Connellsville. 
“It will be used to support the facade improvements and it will also be used to continue the classes that are offered to help to educate and support the local entrepreneurs.” 
Edwards was referring to classes that have been offered to local small business owners and potential business developers that focus on areas pertaining to operating their facilities. 
The classes, offered through the trust, focus on business operation and areas of finance that are helpful in their educational value and input.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Herald-Standard Poll: Nepotism has a new poll up!

Those who didn't vote "yes" either don't know what nepotism is or benefit from it. On second thought, the people who voted "yes" probably benefit from it, too.

Don't believe me? Go do some poking around about which school-board members are either related to each other or other district employees. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Parents sue over infant death

Uniontown Hospital strikes again?
The parents of a Fayette County baby have sued hospitals, a doctor, the Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine over their 2-month-old son's death, attributed in part to a tainted blood transfusion.
While Pittsburgh hospitals and a blood bank are named, Uniontown Hospital and Dr. Febenido Pascua are named, as well. The suit includes allegations of negligence, malpractice, and wrongful death.

The baby, Xander, died after receiving a blood transfusion at Magee-Womens Hospital tainted with Cytomegalovirus, which although common and usually harmless can cause complications in newborns--especially in the case of Xander, who was born premature and weighed just over one pound. The suit states that blood should've been screened for the virus before Xander received it.

Xander's mother was rushed to Magee after first visiting Uniontown Hospital, where she had been treated three times prior in the emergency department. The suit states that she did not receive proper care or testing from Dr. Pascua while in "hypertensive crisis."

Pascua no longer works for Uniontown Hospital, although I haven't found any information as to why or where he is now. But I did find this patient medical rating that's pretty terrible.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Man Quits Job, Boss Breaks His Hands

Because, I mean, nothing says, "I value you as an employee and need your hard work" like breaking your (former) employee's hands.
When he told Neiderhiser he planned to quit when they finished the job, Neiderhiser “grabbed a pipe and came after him with it,” hitting Evangelista “in the hands and head,” the complaint said.
Witnesses corroborate the story, but Mr. Bossman says he only hit his (former) employee with his hands.  Which totally explains this:
When police arrived, one of Evangelista's hands was swollen and both were “shaking uncontrollably,” the complaint said. Evangelista told police that both hands were broken. Officers noted a bump and small cut on his left temple.
So, I guess this job is open now if anyone is looking. In fact, the boss' job might be open now, too.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sword vs. Barbecue Brush, Victor Wins Walmart Gift Card

So, I was on my lunch break at work the other day, scrolling through Twitter like I do, when I saw something about a sword in Fayette County. Now, I assumed it was something to do with the Uniontwon Ninja, because how many people in this county are brandishing swords? Well, at least two, apparently.
A North Union man escaped serious injury Friday when a Uniontown man slashed him with a sword, state police said. [...] Workman related that he then grabbed a spatula and metal brush off his grill on the porch to defend himself. 
Can't blame the victim of the sword attack from wanting to defend himself, but I don't really think a barbecue brush is gonna cut it...yet he did win, and the sword-wielding thief was thwarted in his attempt to take a $6 Walmart gift card. I know we struggle financially here, guys, but is six bucks that crucial to you?

Is it even a question that this made the Morning Freak Show?


Friday, June 20, 2014

Update! The Airport Edition

When we last heard talk of the airport and the incoming prison, reader Marybeth was accosted by security (a man who may or may not have ties to a missing-persons case) for taking pictures, and I (and other readers/commenters) concluded that site is clearly the Nam's own Area 51. Most recently, the Airport Authority Board defended these actions.
Joseph Maher, board vice-chairman, said that Neckerauer did act appropriately when he approached Homistek and inquired as to her business at the airport.
Now, an inquiry I do kind of understand. I even kind of understand people getting huffy with someone who's making it a point to be so involved because hey, maybe they see her as a threat, but frankly, the Nam needs more people getting all up in local politicians' business. But the encounter, as you may recall, was a bit more forceful than security politely saying something like, "Good day, ma'am, might I kindly inquire as to your business at the airport?"
Pointing to national incidents involving aircraft, including 9/11 when United Airlines Flight 93 piloted by terrorists crashed into a Somerset County farm field, Maher said that precautionary measures must be adhered to to to prevent such activity.
So, what, you mean to tell me someone at that little airport is gonna be able to hijack a plane and fly it into a building? Although, now that I think about, I have frequently seen people with cameras at airports and thought, "Oh, shit, we're about to get hijacked!" Like I said, I get security measures, but equating taking pictures with terrorism is a bit of a stretch. Which I consider to be proof of that Area 51 theory.

At the time, Homeland Security was allegedly notified, but a call made by Marybeth revealed that to be false.
"...[A representative] said that they would be outraged to have to look at such a letter," she said.
Marybeth also feels that the boys at the commissioners meetings aren't so welcoming to the ladies. Now, I haven't been to one such meeting since my dad was honored at one when I was in high school for his actions in Iraq, and I don't remember any of it, so I can't contribute my own experiences here. But I can say anecdotal evidence--and not just from Marybeth, but even the notorious conflicts with Commissioner Zimmerlink--suggests that these allegations of sexism might have some merit.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Nam on Twitter: Jailgating

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I guess it's jailgating and it's a thing?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mt. Washington home goes full Fayettenam

You never go full Fayettenam.
Two men were arrested Monday after police seized 1,500 bricks of heroin, 16 firearms from a home on Mt. Washington. 
Police said they also seized $100,000 in cash and jewelry, two luxury vehicles, Cuban cigars and a live chicken.
Wait a second, only one chicken? Bitch, please. Get on our level. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Nam in My Inbox: Seriously, No One Wants This Prison

So, that pesky new prison that the commissioners are all about but pretty much no one else is? Yeah, they have to move it.

The Bureau of Aviation can't sign off on the prison just yet because of the location and wants it moved 250 to 260 feet, off of what is considered a "transitional surface."

Basically, the land sucks, and word is the general area sucks so bad that a dance hall collapsed there in the '40s, resulting in the deaths of some teenagers. Now, the best I could come up with was this article from 1925, but without signing up for an account on the site, it doesn't tell me a whole hell of a lot--but it's an interesting piece of county history regardless.

Thanks to Marybeth again for the info!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Memorial Day

I forgot to post this gem from a Memorial Day trip to Ohiopyle. By the way, never take a Memorial Day trip to Ohiopyle unless you want to spend most of the day cranky, trying to find a place to park, and dodging tailgaters and sunbathers.

Because nothing says Memorial Day and honors those who have served our country quite like flying not one but two flags from the losing side of the Civil War, who also just happened to support slavery.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nam in My Inbox: Airport Incident

Sometimes, readers have some interesting stories they like to send my way, which gives a lot of interesting insight into things going on in the county that either I can't keep up with or might not hear about otherwise. And by the way, I love hearing from readers, so feel free to send something my way!

Now, apparently, some shady business went down at the airport after April's commissioners' meeting.

See, Ambrosini was considering using the airport's hangars as a temporary women's annex (and I'm no expert, but using airport hangars to house humans just seems stupid to me). So this reader/informant decided to check out these hangars the next day. Now, she hasn't been to the airport in awhile, but she pulled over at what she thought were the hangars and snapped a few pictures. As she sat in her car reviewing them, some dude came up and "thrust" his head into the open passenger-side window. And let me tell you, as a woman, I'd be terrified if some random dude invited his head into my car. Random dudes outside of my car can make me nervous as it is.

But then he started yelling, asking her what she was doing but also saying, "I know who you are!" Now, my informant assumes he may have been security, although security typically is a little bit nicer when they want you the hell off of property, even though there were no indications that my informant was trespassing. He also didn't identify himself. Still, she explained she was looking for the hangars, at which point he laughed and replied, "Those ain't hangars. Them is warehouses," which I hope to God is a direct quote because nothing demonstrates professionalism (other than laughter and yelling) and a man's right to be asking her questions like that winning grammar.

The man went on to keep saying he knows who she is and did, in fact, recognize her from meetings. Sounds like a creep. And he rambled for awhile and might be one of the only people in the county who supports this new jail but doesn't support higher education--color me shocked--because when my informant asked why we even need said jail, he asked why we need a new college. Um, maybe so citizens in the county can at least be harassed with proper grammar?

He also claims businesses are leaving the area because the airport isn't big enough, because you know the first thing everyone wants to know before they decide to open or relocate a business is how big the local airport is. I mean, I'm sure the fact that most people decided to leave the black hole of depression that is Fayette County is irrelevant here.

The only explanation here is that he's a Man in Black and the hangars/warehouses are storing aliens, Bigfoot, and/or the Yough Ness Monster.

Or, you know, corruption and creepy dudes run rampant because turns out the dude was involved in the 1988 disappearance of a woman in Florida.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Connellsville vs. Uniontown

Last week, the mayor of Connellsville told a story on his Facebook page of preparing for a visit from one of the candidates running for governor. In the end, the unnamed candidate skipped Connellsville--I suspect it wasn't solely his decision, though--and went to Uniontown instead, and while there's no hard feelings, the mayor is understandably frustrated by preferential treatment of Uniontown.

When you compare the two as they stand now, Uniontown is the clear winner, mostly because of a large number of varied businesses and activities like farmer's markets and shows. Connellsville has a much more limited range of things to do/offer, and the places/things it does have get criticized. More than once now in the past few weeks when I've mentioned Lynn's to natives in conversation, they've said things like, "Everyone who goes there is on drugs." Even Connellsville residents are unhappy with the place, with one commenter saying--and this is copied and pasted as-is--"sorry but nothing good about connellsville, i want to sell my house and leave."

But Connellsville does have potential, and there are some--including the mayor, punk priest Fr. Bob, and some of those Facebook commenters--who do see that. It's just that for some reason, actually getting things moving and improved seems to be difficult. I suspect it's a combination of people with the passion not having the resources and the people with the resources not having the passion. And here's the thing--I think Connellsville has so much potential that it could actually rise above Uniontown and be a nicer, better place.

Now, naturally, Connellsville isn't immune to some of the bigger problems that plague the rest of the county, drugs being the biggest one, and shining up some old buildings and introducing new activities isn't going to fix everything, but it's certainly a start. And when you look at some of what Connellsville has to offer, it's pretty promising.

Sure, Uniontown has proximity to the mountains and its fancy businesses and things and Joe Hardy helping to shine it up, but Connellsville's got just as much if not more. There's the Mighty Yough. There's the bike trails. There's the train station. There's the theater. There's the parks.

And there's been a lot of effort to take advantage of these gems and make Connellsville as great as it can be, as great as it once was. This past winter saw an attempt to bring in an outdoor skating rink.

With summer upon us, there's rafting, biking, and tons of events--St. Rita's parish festival, the farmer's market, Art on the Yough, the summer concert series, reading programs, movie screenings in East Park, and the Geranium Festival (which starts this weekend). That's not even covering other ongoing efforts to improve Connellsville, like the recent efforts to help bring concerts to East Park, Sustainable Connellsville, and volleyball games at Cat's Court.

But change and improvement isn't all up to people in charge. All it takes to start making a difference--and this goes for the entire county--is to care and take an active role in your community. Buy local. Attend events. Donate money, goods, or services as you can where they're needed. Be the change!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Might Want to Think Twice Before Helping

A Fayette County man was robbed after pulling over to help apparent stranded motorists, so I guess being a nice person is dangerous now.

Police haven't caught the men yet, so be safe. And please, if you know anything, contact police.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: Circle K Cocksuckers

Stolen from a Facebook friend. It was captioned, "Look what this grimey couple from trotter did to the cashier at circle k , all because their access card was declined."

While I agree that it's a classless, immature thing to do--though expected around here--the comments calling them "relief bums" and "fucking bums" aren't much better. Can we please stop making assumptions about why people are in certain financial situations, and can we also please stop equating financial standing with quality of character? This would be just as unacceptable coming from a millionaire.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things you probably shouldn't say on Facebook when you own a business

This is a straight-up nerd fight, y'all! And I say that as a self-proclaimed nerd.

I don't play Magic the Gathering (I told you this was nerdy), but I know people who do. And I know them well enough that whether I like it or not (I don't), I hear plenty about it. Being uninterested, I retain very little, but for the past few months, I've been hearing some complaints about resident Magic the Gathering store Gaming Universe--mostly little things, starting with my brother hearing the owner complain about friends of his because they go in and trade cards, not buy. Now, the way I see it, you shouldn't be complaining about a legitimate business transaction, especially one you enter into willingly, but okay.

But then the complaints have just started adding up--the wait to play is too long, the store-credit prize isn't very useful due to small inventory, a guy known for cheating who was banned elsewhere is still allowed to play.

And for those reasons, my Magic-playing acquaintances have, for the most part, gone elsewhere--most notably Four Horsemen in Morgantown and The Gaming Dungeon in Washington. Non-Nam interlude! If you're in the Washington area and prefer comic books and graphic novels to Magic the Gathering, like me, definitely hit up The Gaming Dungeon on Main Street. The owner, Anthony, is great, and my boyfriend and I are regular customers.

Now, one of those pesky complaints I've heard about is the owner's tendency to imply his store is superior to others, which is a complaint I haven't heard about those other stores. In fact, I haven't heard any complaints about those other stores. It's one thing to try to create more business and have competition between certain businesses, but I find it hard to believe these stores are direct rivals when they're so spread out--the one exception being Morgantown isn't to far from Uniontown--and on top of that, it's another thing entirely to start badmouthing other stores--and players who don't come to your store--on Facebook. Because that's when people start to get put off and say, "Wow, this is really unprofessional." Observe, from comments on their Facebook group:
"Everyone knows I have the best Prize support for every tournament, yet not everyone plays at Gaming Universe. Do guys just want to play Magic and don't care about prizes?? Maybe I should just payout the same ridiculously low prizes every other store does, I would make a lot more money??"
In short: yes, some of them don't care about prizes. For the long answer, reread this entire post. And for an added bonus, you're not entitled to customers just because they like something you sell, and if you keep losing money despite your amazing prizes, perhaps you should rethink your approach.

Basically, getting nerds to spend money in your store is way more complicated than just prize incentives, and now you've just made it worse by sounding obnoxious.

Monday, May 12, 2014


So, months ago, a brochure showed up in the mail for the State Theatre's theatrical season. As a theatre fan, I was interested. And then I spotted Hair, which I've seen before and loved, and was amazed that of all musicals, Hair was the one making an appearance. I wasn't concerned about a sell-out show and ordering tickets as soon as they go on sale the way I am when a show is in Pittsburgh. I figured citizens of the Nam wouldn't exactly be scrambling to get their tickets, so I made a mental note to order closer to the show.

I was thinking it was in March, so when I consulted my brochure and saw I had the wrong "m" month and it was May, I filed it away again.

And then I was scrolling through Facebook in traffic Thursday and saw the theater's ad for it for the following night, and I made some frantic calls to my brother to plan.

Now, like I said, I didn't expect Fayettenam to be all about a hippie musical dedicated in part to protesting Vietnam, but I didn't want to worry about getting tickets at the door, either, so I stopped at the box office to take care of it in advance and because my brother's a broke college student who was like, "I have no money" when I asked him to call while I was at work earlier in the day. Thinking we'd get floor seats for sure, I was surprised when I was told the best I could get was the mezzanine (not that mezzanine is bad, by any means) for three tickets--I was third wheel to my brother and his girlfriend since my boyfriend isn't into musicals about hippies and drugs.

For you theater-loving students, the State Theatre does a student rush three hours before showtime where tickets are $5, which is ridiculously cheap as it is, but for Hair, the price of my ticket was $36 to give a comparison for how much money you're saving and what you're getting.

And so a few hours later, I arrived in a flowered dress with my long, natural curls flowing on their last night of freedom before ironically getting chopped off the next morning--and appropriately without having shaved in at least a few days, maybe a week or longer--to find I had accurately predicated that the turnout would be most old hippies, and we even ran into a woman who used to go to our church, back when I still went to church and before most of the Nam's churches closed.

I was surprised, though, that the production was actually the national tour brought to the theater thanks to a generous donation, so much love to the people whose generosity allowed me to see one of my favorite musicals on a professional level so close to home and at an affordable price.

I was still sure Hair wouldn't be particularly beloved despite the crowd...and then they ended up being a very enthusiastic crowd, clapping and laughing at even the most crude of sexual jokes. Sure, some people left at intermission, which is standard for Hair when people fail to familiarize themselves with a show before seeing it, even though you'd think the note on the theater's website stating this version would be performed without nudity would send up some red flags. Pro tip: nudity-free doesn't mean child-friendly, but it wouldn't be Fayettenam without kids in a show no child should see. Shout out to the preteen behind us who shielded her eyes after witnessing one too many pelvic thrusts.

Fayettenam did seem shocked at times, mainly upon realizing most of the female cast had nice, bushy armpit hair and during a scene that's an acid trip in which Abraham Lincoln is a black woman. All in all, though, the crowd loved the show--the cast got a standing ovation almost immediately, which very rarely happens around here. Even the girl who had been averting her eyes stood.

So, Fayettenam, I underestimated you Friday night. But as my best friend pointed out, "Seems like something they'd love. Drugs, sex, and walking around naked."

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Nam on Facebook/Craigslist: Car "for sell"

Thanks to one of my cousins for finding and posting about this gem.

Sounds legit, right? I mean, zero chance that this car is stolen.

Do the cops patrol Craigslist, and if not, why?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Judge will consider settlement in lawsuit against Joe Hardy

A lawsuit against Joe Hardy regarding the death of Zack Nelson may be settled for $200,000.
The lawsuit contends Hardy is liable because he allegedly knew his daughter hosted underage drinking parties, including the one that ended in the fatal accident, but did nothing to cut off her access to alcohol.  
Paige Hardy was cleared of liability in August when a judge found that, under the state's “social host” doctrine, minors who give alcohol to other minors cannot be held liable. 
Through their attorneys, Thomas E. Crenney & Associates of Sewickley, the Nelsons on Monday filed a petition and proposed settlement agreement seeking a judge's approval to end their claims against Joseph and Paige Hardy for $200,000.
Not exactly a win--the Hardys aren't admitting to any liability or wrongdoing despite the settlement--but it is something. Maybe the Hardy family will learn something from all this.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brownsville drive-in wins crowdfunding support

Remember the push to vote for Brownsville drive-in to win a new projector from a Honda contest, thereby allowing them to stay open? Yeah, they didn't win--at least not at first. But they just made the cut as the 10th and final winner.

So it looks like Brownsville drive-in lives to serve another summer. They still could use some help, though, so please donate here. 100 bucks gets you some nice perks, too!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Geibel class of 2007 loses one of its own

Sending prayers and condolences to the family and friends of one of my Geibel classmates, Robert Orange, who was found dead on Thursday.

I didn't know him well, but he always seemed like a cool guy, and the outpouring of sympathy and reminiscing I've seen on social media the past few days only proves that.

You never expect to lose a classmate in your 20s, before you even hit your 10th reunion.

May he rest in peace.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Nam on Twitter: Huggies

Oh, the dangers of internet modeling!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Family (rightfully) wants claims tossed from lawsuit

The parents of Zack Nelson, who was killed in a drunk-driving accident, want a judge to throw out allegations that they're responsible for his death.
The lawsuit contends Hardy is liable because he allegedly knew his daughter hosted underage drinking parties, including the one that ended in the fatal accident, but did nothing to cut off her access to alcohol. 
In a cross-claim filed in October, the resort's attorneys, Gerard Cipriani and Rebecca Sember Izsak of Pittsburgh, place blame for Nelson's death on his parents.
Honestly, I usually don't support lawsuits like this. I tend to think that they don't do much good. That said, if they have good reason to believe Joe Hardy knew about and did not stop underage drinking (and driving) on his property, he should be held accountable. Besides, the idea that parents are responsible for their nearly adult children's actions is pretty ridiculous.

In our late teens, we're expected to choose colleges and career paths. We're treated as independent adults who need to start running our own lives. Teens have committed crimes but been treated as adults who made their own decisions without their parents being blamed, and this is no different. And this all assumes that his parents knew what he was doing and condoned it, which isn't the case, and very few people have never drank underage or gotten in a car with someone who's been drinking. Most people are lucky enough to learn from that and move on. Beyond being illogical, blaming parents for a young adult's death that they weren't involved in at all is just cruel. Interesting that this convoluted thinking is their defense, too--not that Joe Hardy didn't know but that parents should be controlling of their children because everything their kid does is their fault.
The attorneys alleged the Nelsons were aware their son had previously drank to the point of intoxication, drove while drunk and rode with others who were drinking, but failed to do anything to deter him. 
“The Nelsons breached the duty of care owed to their minor son and this breach of duty was the sole, direct and proximate cause of Zackery Nelson's injuries,” the resort's attorneys claimed in a court brief.   
Okay, fine. Let's play with this twisted logic. Let's just say that yeah, you can reasonably blame parents for their child's decisions and actions. Wouldn't that then mean that since the party in question was hosted by Paige Hardy at Nemacolin, and if she had done so before and Joe knew and "failed to do anything to deter" her, and she was actually in the accident, as well, that...Joe Hardy actually is at fault here? After all, shouldn't he have known what his daughter was doing and kept a closer eye on her, let alone taught her better?

Nice try, lawyers. If this is the Nelsons' fault--and it's not--then it's Joe Hardy's fault, too.
Hope you liked my business while you had it, Joe Hardy, because you just lost it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Comedian Gallagher performed in Uniontown, didn't get paid

Man, even famous comedians come to the Nam and suffer.
According to the longtime comedian, he got stiffed out of his $10,000 fee by Chase Ebaugh, a 22-year-old North Versailles promoter who is facing a lawsuit tied to a canceled Bill Engvall comedy stop last year in Oakland's  Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum. 
“The trip to Uniontown meant a lot to me because it was kind of like completing the circle of life,” said Leo Gallagher, 67, noting that his Irish grandfather in Sharon and Croatian grandmother from West Virginia courted in that part of Fayette County and that he drew much of his early comedic inspiration from them.
I guess it wasn't worth not getting paid, though, not that I blame him--making a living in any of the arts is tough and people deserve to be paid for the work they do, plus it's just shady to book an artist and not pay them.
CEE Presents promoter Ebaugh told the Tribune-Review that he wants to pay Gallagher something — maybe $7,500 — but he spent nearly twice that on radio advertising and sold only about half of the State Theatre's 1,404 seats. He said he does not want to take a major loss.
I have bad news for you, Ebaugh--if you promised a performer $10,000 and spent double that on advertising but still only sold about half the theater's tickets, that's your problem and you still owe said performer what you said you'd pay them. So you're out all that money and you don't want to take a loss? Tough shit. These things happen--even the State Theater's manager has said event promotion is a big risk--and people are like you are why all judges on daytime TV have jobs
“Gallagher is an awesome guy, and there's no way I want to hurt him,” Ebaugh said, “but he just didn't sell the tickets."
Actually, Ebaugh, you didn't sell the tickets. That's your job, not Gallagher's. Gallagher's job is to show up and be funny, which fans said he did. Besides, it's hard to side with someone who's being sued because of ticket reimbursements for a Bill Engvall show and claims he filed for bankruptcy but has no proof of it.
Ebaugh told the Trib that he filed for bankruptcy in June. The Trib could not find a record of bankruptcy proceedings in Ebaugh's name or that of CEE Presents.  
Oh, and he tried to back out of the fee the day of the concert.
Craig Marquardo, Gallagher's manager in Oregon, shared with the Trib a string of emails he exchanged with Ebaugh dating back to the day of the concert. They show Ebaugh mentioning his earlier losses on Gallagher's show and trying to back out of his pledge to pay the $10,000 fee printed on the Uniontown gig's offer sheet. 
Ebaugh told the Trib that the messages prove only that he had no written contract with Gallagher and he's sticking to his $7,500 offer — take it or leave it. Gallagher's manager wonders whether the comic will ever see a penny from a Uniontown show that grossed nearly $21,000.
Except for the fact that they prove he had agreed to pay $10,000 and changed his mind. Granted, I'm not sure if e-mails saying, "I don't want to pay you $10,000 anymore" count as a written agreement, but it doesn't really help Ebaugh out much.
Erica Miller, manager of the historic State Theatre, said she's now “kind of leery” of working with Ebaugh because of his dispute with Gallagher. Ebaugh paid the theater's $2,700 rental fee, and the comic's fans told her that “it was a great experience,” but stiffing the talent is never good, she said. 
Can't say I blame her.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Burgh Bracket Underway

Kiss FM's annual Burgh Bracket is happening now, and they're on the Fayette County bracket now. Now, the items in the bracket don't actually have much to do with the Nam--with the exception of the mugshot of a man caught stealing makeup and pantyhose from Walmart. He's up against a naked Brandon Sutter, who's in the lead by far, so we're very unlikely to win this one, Fayettenamese. But if you want to give us a push...

(By the way, if you're wondering why I never posted the mug shot originally, it's because I don't believe in mocking people's lifestyle choices, what they decide to wear, and how they decide to present themselves. That's their business, not mine. People acting like dumbasses and making bad decisions that give us our bad reputation, on the other hand...)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

County Crime Roundup

Friday, March 21, 2014

Masontown scam artist

People of Masontown, be warned! The police are warning against a door-to-door scam artist asking for money and claiming his car ran out of gas between 8 and 9 p.m. Residents are advised to call 911 "in a timely manner" so they can find him. In other words, don't hang out for a few hours and then be like, "Oh, yeah, some dude came to my house but he's gone now."

I'm all for vigilance, but how do they really know he didn't run out of gas?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Parents sue youth softball league and township because why not

I never played a sport because I'm basically not athletic and dislike sports, but I'm pretty sure that injuries are just a risk you take when you play sports and suing over one would be silly, right?
The parents of a 12-year-old softball player who broke her leg while sliding into home plate have filed a civil lawsuit against a Fayette County youth league and North Union Township.
Oh. Maybe not. Hmm.

They're suing the league itself, as well as the township, and the lawyer argues she broke her leg "because the base path from third base to home plate was uneven with holes and ruts in it."

If the field was that terrible, then fine. But it wasn't so bad that they didn't let their daughter play or that other kids got hurt, too, and are also suing. Still, even though I think America is in some ways a pro-lawsuit culture and tend to think they're ridiculous (with some exceptions), if this was all the suit was over, I'd let it slide (get it!?).

But as always, it gets better.
The injury kept her out of school and extracurricular activities for a “substantial time,” resulted in permanent scarring and will limit her earning capacity, according to the lawsuit.
Wait, an injury from June 23 kept her out of school? Really? As for permanent scarring, it's something no one really wants, but is a scar from a broken leg that horrible? My favorite, though, is that the injury will "limit her earning capacity." How? She's 12. I'm pretty sure broken legs heal, and unless she already had a career in the works as a pro softball player, I have a hard time believing her future is in any danger because of it. But don't listen to me--read the comments on the article for some wonderfully harsh observations.

Man, things are gonna get awkward in court when a lawyer mentions that pesky waiver the parents had to sign in order for their kid to be able to play.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Oldie

Sometimes, I miss things. This is because I am but one little girl running this blog, I have other things going on in my life, and contrary to popular belief, writing about Fayette County's shenanigans often feels like a chore.

So here's an interesting article all the way back from last summer about Nemacolin and the turnpike.

Basically, a turnpike commission vendor gave employees $6,000 in Nemacolin gift certificates--certainly a lovely gift to receive, but probably pretty inappropriate when businesses and contracts are involved.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Connellsville woman in accident with salt truck

UPDATE #2: Nancy's brother-in-law has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help pay for Nancy's medical bills. You can donate here, and please do so as this is your change to directly help the Heinbaugh family. If you're unable to donate, please spread the word all over the internet to get as much help as we can, but remember, no amount is too small. Any little bit helps.

The page also includes an update on Nancy's condition:
Nancy suffered multiple strokes due to her injuries and underwent surgery to relieve swelling and pressure on her brain. She was placed on a ventilator in the Trauma ICU and in the days that followed, underwent extensive surgeries to both of her legs. Miraculously, she survived and is now breathing on her own through a trach tube. 
While no one yet knows what the future holds for Nancy, she will require more surgeries and much physical rehabilitation. Friends of Nancy are raising funds to help offset the major loss of income and the enormous costs associated with her medical care. 
UPDATE: She is doing better and is now off the ventilator and breathing on her own with a trach in. Keep praying!

Always sucks when this blog collides with real life, which is all too easy in a small place like this.

Nancy Heinbaugh was in an accident Monday morning with a salt truck, in which her car actually ended up underneath the truck.

I went to high school with her kids, and her son's fiancee was one of my roommates when I lived on Mt. Washington about a year and a half, two years ago. My Facebook feed is quickly filling up with prayer requests, and I'm extending them here. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Stay safe and warm, Fayette County.