Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fayette SPCA quarantined

From the Post-Gazette: 
An unknown infectious disease at the Fayette SPCA that has killed 10 dogs in as many days has caused the state Department of Agriculture to quarantine the shelter, a spokeswoman said.
The dogs, which were euthanized or died in their kennels, are suspected to have had parvovirus, distemper or intestinal worms, state department spokeswoman Samantha Krepp said. 
Most shelters will quarantine themselves, but the SPCA did not follow protocol, she said. "Our goal is to make sure these animals are safe, and our goal is to make sure no other dog gets sick," Ms. Krepps said.
As a result, no animals can go in or out for at least four to six weeks.

Frankly, any organization caring for and attempting to adopt out animals that fails to follow protocol, resulting in widespread illness and death of animals, should be shut down. Because this is the SPCA and they're basically the county's animal control, that's probably not going to happen. But any employees responsible should absolutely be sacked. There were clearly multiple failures here, and those responsible need to be held accountable.

That said, the most important thing now is to get the animals healthy, and the SPCA needs help doing that. They need bleach, Pinesol, dog food, deck rakes, garbage bags, and antibacterial dish soap. Donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8 to 4 or Saturday until noon. Volunteers are also needed.

They're also in need of a veterinarian to vaccinate the dogs for kennel cough in case any kind, local souls are willing to do so at a low cost.

Now, in the meantime, this means that added strain will be put on other local shelters that are already full. Fayette Friends of Animals--the only no-kill shelter in the area that's also much cleaner and more reputable--is full and can't take in any more animals, so I'm sure that if you're looking for a pet right now, FFOA would be glad to see some of their animals adopted out into a loving forever home, and you can make that happen!

I've praised FFOA multiple times, but they truly are a great shelter--and shelter animals make great pets. My parents got my puppy brother there when I was in college.

I know what you're thinking--"But which one is the puppy brother!?"
Other than being a spoiled brat with very selective hearing, Duke is an awesome dog. He's so fun and lovable and affectionate, and after I went home after a recent road trip with him and my parents to Ohio for his post-cataract-surgery checkup, he put his paw on the door, looked for me, and whined. He is the cutest.

Check out FFOA and adopt, or donate supplies or time to the SPCA when they need it most--or both! I don't want to have to make this blog the equivalent of a sad commercial. I am not above changing the blog header to a slideshow of animals who need homes and setting to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" to auto play when you visit the site.

Ironically, that song is used in ads for SPCA.


  1. Great post! Thanks

  2. Our hard earned tax dollars should have a say in this! THE SPCA SHOULD BE FORCED TO BE A NO KILL SHELTER! The current staff should all be fired with no unemployment it's clear this place does NOTHING TO ADVOCATE animal welfare they are a reactive, barbaric facility of old school mentality. It's long overdue that the Fayette County SPCA BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR the cruel treatment of animals and their unethical work arounds with political involvement! These are OUR tax dollars supporting the direct euthanasia of innocent animals PLEASE REDIRECT these tax dollars to those no kill shelters that truly show their passion and commitment to the welfare of those pets so reliant on the last human hand that comes into contact with them. SHAME ON YOU ALL AT FAYETTE COUNTY SPCA!!

    1. Nice wish or thought...but no one can make "anyone" be a no kill shelter. Think about it.....the SPCA is the only facility who takes "anything" off the street....rabid dogs....whatever.....and does shelter them . All the wonderful "no kills" do not. They refuse to accept animals. You go there w/an injured dog or cat, and they the SPCA. It's just how it is. All support "no kill" for it sounds so nice and sweet. The harsh reality is, abused, sick and lost animals need a place to go. It is truly unfortunate that the current SPCA has failed to maintain sanitary precautions, and have caused this "shutdown". I just ask you to think about it a bit more. I have volunteered over the past 15 years at "kill" and no kill shelters. There IS a need for a facility to "put animals" down in reality. Now...those no kills? Why won't they take any animal? Because they are full of so many cats and dogs that haven't been adopted. So....those animals are alive....but taking up "bunks" so to speak. What is the solution? There is none. Sorry.

  3. Though no kill shelters don't have the luxury of receiving the funds that the SPCA does from taxpayers' dollars. so maybe if no-kill shelters were funded by the county or state less animals would needlessly be euthanized as the "solution". I get that it's a huge problem that begins with those who discard their pets like a material object but I ask you to think about if there were truly a stance to take proactive measures in running the fayette county SPCA as a no-kill shelter how many more innocent, helpless animals would be saved. We all know that whether a no-kill shelter there are going to be extenuating circumstances where some animals extremely diseased cannot be saved.
    There are other neighboring counties who have turned their SPCAs into "no-kill" shelters that offer lost cost vet services to the public and still also help abused and neglected animals. I just wish Fayette county would re-visit their approach....