Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Help Save Fayette Friends of Animals!

Caring for the rescued pets of the Nam is no cheap or easy task--especially considering the habit of abuse around here, but we'll talk about that some other time. A rough economy and expensive but necessary vet bills don't help, so now Fayette Friends of Animals has turned to the community to make up the difference.

They've started a campaign to raise $50,000, including the ultimate goal of expanding the shelter. It's already received over $1,000 in its first day--and trust me, as soon as I get paid or sell more of my old junk on eBay, I'll be adding to that total. FFOA is the only no-kill shelter in the county, but it's also where my family adopted our two dogs. Dandy has since died, but despite diabetes and cataracts, Duke is doing very well. We all love him. He still runs and smothers me with kisses when I go home, at least until I've been around for a few hours and he's used to me and goes back to his usual routine of ignoring me (and everyone else) until I have food or get up off the couch so he can go steal the warm spot.

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