Monday, November 18, 2013

The Pickle Parrot

If you're not from here or are having a brain lapse, then "Pickle Parrot" is confusing as hell. Don't worry! The parrot is just the mascot of radio station The Pickle. And there's a good reason it's a parrot and not a pickle, excitement and potential lewdness aside.
“We started to make it look like a pickle, but it didn't look right,” Baker said. So, based on the Froggy 94.9 mascot Mr. Froggy, station officials decided to make The Pickle mascot an animal and chose a parrot.
But that's not the point. See, the Pickle Parrot was stolen on Friday and was promptly found on Saturday.

The costume was stolen from the porch of a woman I'm pretty sure is a friend's mom who plays the mascot after she'd hung it out to dry. Let this be a lesson to us all--while our random junk is totally safe on our porches, cool things like the Pickle Parrot are not. Neither are your Thanksgiving leftovers, but that's another story that involves using the cold weather to your advantage and hungry raccoons.

Props to the thief, though, for not only getting the Pickle Parrot but a freshly laundered one at that.
The radio station responded by going on Facebook to alert fans in the area. “The Pickle Parrot's ‘body' has been stolen! This is no joke! It was lifted off the porch of someone in the Connellsville area. Be on the lookout for it and if you see it notify the Connellsville Police Department.”
So everyone was on the lookout for this parrot, because seriously, unless you're just hiding it in your house, someone was bound to know something. I mean, why do you steal a Pickle Parrot if you have no intention of wearing it, even if wearing it is guaranteed to get you caught?

And what better place to get caught than Sheetz in Connellsville?
The parrot was taken into custody at Sheetz.
However, the male teen wearing the costume was not the thief. 
The juvenile told police he didn't know the costume was stolen. He was at a friend's house and that juvenile asked him if he wanted to wear it. 
That friend, a 16-year-old male, admitted to police he took the costume from Mitchell's porch. He said his friend took no part in the theft. 

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