Friday, October 24, 2014

Men film erratic driver

This is one where you've got to watch the video to really grasp how terrible this driving is.
Two Fayette County men recording a bad driver in front of them are thankful they're not hurt after that driver caused a crash that involved their truck.
I've definitely seen some terrible, dangerous driving both in and out of the Nam, but this has got to be one of the scariest examples I've seen--the driver is weaving between lanes, often crossing over into the opposite lane and coming pretty close to causing an accident...until finally, she did, and the men filming her were involved.

The men suspect she may have been texting, given that she had her phone in her hand afterward, but there's been no official confirmation of this and an investigation is ongoing. It's a real possibility--and remember, texting and driving is incredibly dangerous, as this video proves if that's what was going on--especially considering the way the driver at times seems inattentive...and you think close calls would scare her enough to stop distracted driving. But given that the move which caused the accident in the end was cutting off another driver, I have a feeling we've got a double-whammy of not just distracted diving but reckless, careless driving, too. Look, I know people are impatient. I've had my fair share of angry beeping and shouting because I won't pull out right in front of people and risk an accident, and if you're one of those angry, impatient people, let this be a lesson to you--this is the cost of saving yourself a few seconds.

Now, some commenters have suggested that the men should've called the police. Honestly, of all the times I've seen horrible drivers in action, I never thought of doing that, and don't think I'm in the minority here. The only time it's ever crossed my mind was when it looked like a motorcyclist a few cars ahead of me was standing up on her bike, and that was only because as a kid, my parents called the cops on people pulling similar stunt driving down 119...and then circled around to delight in seeing them pulled over. But after watching this video, especially with a case this impressively bad, maybe we all should consider notifying police. Granted, making the distinction between bad and dangerous driving could get dicey, but I'm sure other motorists, as well as the police, would prefer keeping an eye on the driver rather than showing up to an accident scene later.

One final note on texting and driving, other than don't do it, you dumbasses--if you just can't bear to wait until you're stopped to send that message and you have an iPhone, Siri can do it for you. I'm sure we all know this, but in case you don't, it's very simple. Just hold in your home button until it beeps, tell Siri to text whoever it is you want to text, clearly dictate your text to Siri, ask her to read it to you when you're done and she asks if you'd like to send it, then tell her to send it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Murder (Mystery Dinner) in the Mountains

So, I've always wanted to go to a murder-mystery dinner. They just always sounded like a fun, interesting time to me, so when I saw a Groupon pop up for one at Christian W. Klay winery, I jumped on it...except by the time I saw it, it already sold out. But then it popped up again, I'm guessing because the winery realized Groupon promotion was a huge success.

I realized after I bought it that I probably should've check the menu first since I'm a vegetarian, but I lucked out and it was buffet. Buffet for a vegetarian usually means worst-case scenario, you'll get a veggie and probably pasta...and pasta is my favorite anyway.

I started to get antsy the day of when I looked up reviews. The winery itself scored okay, but some complained that the murder-mystery dinner was too cheesy and the food wasn't great. I say these people are mostly uppity, negative humans.

This wasn't just my first murder-mystery dinner--it was my first visit to a winery, so I'm definitely out of my level of expertise here. My experience with wine is generally having one glass, getting drunk off that, then getting really tired and wanting to take a nap. Most wines taste the same to me. I could describe moonshine a hell of a lot better than I could a wine, like a true Fayettenamese. I mean, I'm pretty sure most wineries aren't barns in the mountains like Christian Klay is, but this is Fayette County. Everything is in barns here. My aunt runs a dress shop out of a barn...and I got all my prom and formal dresses there because it's great, and you should go and tell her I sent you.

Now, a barn in the mountains in October is naturally gonna be a bit cold, but they warmed it well. We were seated six to a table, which I wasn't thrilled with initially, but it did end up being a neat way to talk to people. Everyone at our table was a first-time visitor, and they were all nice to talk to.

The night started with a wine tasting. We got to try nine wines, and my boyfriend and I kept a tally of which ones we liked. Both other couples at our table bought wine early on and offered us a taste of that, which ended up being the table favorite--Summit Mist. It's so good. I highly recommend it. My other favorite was the Raspberry Frost. We meant to buy ourselves some at the end of the dinner, but it ran a bit longer than we thought and we both had to be up for work early the next morning, so we decided we'll head back up another time. Maybe we'll get to try the Spiced Apple then, too, since they were running low and weren't offering it for the tasting.

And then we had dinner, which wasn't as terrible as online reviews suggested but wasn't necessarily impressive, either. Then again, the main draw is the wine and the murder mystery, isn't it? Especially when everyone ends up a little buzzed.

And the murder-mystery part was fun. Yes, it was a little cheesy like the other reviews said, but not so much so that it was bad or unenjoyable, especially considering it's pre-Halloween dinner theater. Actually, I thought it was the perfect level of cheesy to make it fun and not super serious. You want to enjoy the night, not feel like you're really in the midst of a murderer.

Of course, we were wrong about who the murderer was, and I blame overthinking--not the wine. We disregarded the most obvious suspect because--and this is the downfall of being bookworms and writers--we thought it was a red herring, a suspect meant to throw us off. That said, our theory as to who did it was pretty solid.

Maybe we'll do better next year and stock up on that Summit Mist.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you have the next two weekends to get yourself up there...and bring me some Summit Mist.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Nam on Twitter: Change Purse

Someone capitalize on this, write "Fayette County Coin Purse" on sandwich bags, and rake in those profits.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: The Many Faces of Bavarian Kreme

I doubt this is a problem unique to Fayette County, but still...

I encourage you all to join me in my quest of thinking of as many weird, potentially inappropriate alternate names for "Ovarian Bavarian Kreme" as possible.

My brother isn't thrilled about working at Dunkin' Donuts until he goes into the military...but I am!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: Seems Legit

Courtesy of my brother's Facebook.

Maybe this business is owned and operated by whoever runs the beer trailer at the fair.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: Connellsville Trick-Or-Treat

From Connellsville mayor Greg Lincoln's Facebook:

Yes, trick-or-treat has been moved from a Sunday afternoon to Halloween night from 6 to 8 p.m. Travesty!

Connellsville, your mayor's got a point--Connellsville doesn't turn into some lethal cesspool after dark, and I'm saying this as someone who occasionally drinks until very late at night at Lynn's. Yeah, things happen and they always will, but 6 to 8 on Halloween probably isn't going to put your kids or anyone else in any danger.

In fact, trick-or-treating on Halloween will probably just be more fun, and what kid wants to trick-or-treat and binge on their candy on a school night? Let's be real, here--weekend trick-or-treat will make your lives easier, parents.

But if you're that worried, you could always do what my parents did with my brother and I--drive us around to relatives' houses instead of neighborhood trick-or-treat. Which sounds like overprotective overkill now that I'm an adult, but we had fun and never missed out on a whole hell of a lot without the full door-to-door experience.

Or you can get in on the festivities in my parents' neighborhood, especially since I'm pretty sure all the parents there invite all their relatives and friends kids' up anyway. Which is a pretty good idea if you're concord about crime and safety in your own neighborhoods...

P.S.: If I help with trick-or-treat and I'm down to our last nice pre-made treat bags and am progressing to good-but-not-awesome treat bags because we ran out of most candy and your kid is dressed as a Wizard of Oz character or something else I like, I'll play favorites and give that kid one of the better bags. Unless maybe they're with siblings because we all know how that one will end.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fayette County among hardest places to live in the country

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this on Facebook! Remember, if you want me to write about something, send it my way. I make no promises, but my readers tend to send me really interesting stuff. And I am but one expat with a day job and other writing ventures.

According to a new study, Fayette County is one of the hardest places to live in the country. After measuring six data points--education (percentage of residents with at least a bachelor's degree), median household income, unemployment rate, disability rate, life expectancy, and obesity--things aren't looking so great for us.

The numbers are pretty interesting--median income of about $38,000, 14% are college educated, 9.3% are unemployed, 4.4% are on disability, and 42% are obese. The full study, as linked above, goes into more of the comparisons and such.

Interestingly, comparable counties are mostly in the south. Although for some local perspective, Westmoreland County--where my boyfriend lives--is closer to the best, and Washington County--where I live--is more in the middle. Now, I've always held the theory that people from the Nam who do get college educations or generally do pretty well for themselves ultimately leave for a better area, and so far, that's anecdotally true. My boyfriend and I both took our degrees and went to neighboring counties, while I know of others who left for different states entirely. And for a quick numbers comparison for how things go when you cross those county lines, Washington County has a median income of $53,000, 25% are college educated, 7.3% are unemployed, 1.7% are on disability, and 39% are obese. Westmoreland County has a median income of $49,000, 24.7% are college educated, 7.4% are unemployed, 1.6% are on disability, and 36% obese.

Fayettenam, maybe we can look to our neighbors for ideas on how to boost ourselves up a bit.