Saturday, June 25, 2016

Duda's Farm having trouble with roadside signs because PennDOT

Ah, roadside farm stands. They're a hallmark of summer. Need some tomatoes or sweet corn? There's probably a sign along 40, 51, or 119 guiding you right to some. And if you're like me, you kind of look forward to this--when the time comes, you hit your nearest Duda's stand to stock up on your weekly produce. Maybe even eat less junk than normal and instead have corn on the cob, stuffed peppers, or zucchini. And their roadside signs are so familiar, you almost don't notice them.

Unless you're PennDOT, or rather, the person who complained to PennDOT about Duda's signs.

Duda's took to Facebook asking for community support after being told to take the signs down. Apparently, Duda's needs a permit for the signs, as they don't fall under exemptions that political signs, yard-sale signs, or other small, temporary signs on private property placed with permission have. Which doesn't make much sense to me--while I'll grant Duda's signs are typically larger than those other signs, they are still temporary. Plus Duda's says the signs on private property were placed with permission, so it's hard to see what the problem is here.

Duda's feels they're being targeted, and it's hard to argue with that, especially considering they noted similar signs that are apparently okay. PennDOT says they're only concerned with signs people complain about, so...which one you complained about Duda's signs and why? Also, if all signs are illegal, why not go after all of them and get money off them fines? Surely PennDOT could always use more help paying for the construction that is every-damn-where, not to mention everyone's favorite, fresh oil and chips.

So why not just apply for the permits? Well, they have, but of course, it's a long process, and they'd like to be able to keep the signs up in the meantime. Duda's also turned to local politicians for help, particularly Rep. Pam Snyder, who introduced a bill allowing such signs to be put up without permits.  It's currently awaiting action in the state Senate.

In the meantime, I personally suggest visiting your closest Duda's stand and showing your support. For my fellow expats, you can find one in the parking lot of Washington's Crown Center mall.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nam Nuptials: Inne at Watson's Choice

I'm getting married! But this actually has nothing to do with my wedding, so...never mind. Nevertheless, as a blogger, I'd love to highlight some of the Fayette County wedding venues and vendors--especially for couples looking for something a little different than a social hall.

The last time I was at Inne at Watson's Choice, it was for my cousin's First Communion, and looking back, I remember very little of it. But it's fitting that now, all these years later, her oldest brother chose Watson's for his wedding--and it was beautiful.

Unfortunately, I didn't really get any good pictures of the place. I thought about it, but, you know, partying with friends and family was my priority. So you'll have to rely on the venue's page for that one. Sorry, guys!

I did briefly consider the Inne for my own wedding, but it's a barn and I'm not much of a barn-wedding girl for myself--but if you are a barn-wedding couple, I think you'll love this place. The barn is nice and quaint, and though it looks a little small, it's well-suited for weddings. We started off there with cocktails, then headed down to a tent on a lawn for a buffet dinner. After dinner, we spent the next few hours dancing until the DJ packed it up, which is around 10 due to the neighbors. If you need a break from the dancing, there are plenty of places to hang out, whether it be outside on the porch or up in the loft, looking down on the party below.

We kept the party going for a little after the DJ finished by heading down to the fire pit, which was a nice touch on a chilly, rainy night. I headed off to crash at my parents' place, but a lot of my friends and family--especially the wedding party--got rooms and spent the night.

Everyone had a great time, the venue was nice, and you and your guests can spend the night so you can get real drunk without worrying about getting home. Sounds like a great wedding to me!

Monday, May 23, 2016

My brother is seeking out a kind stranger

I've mentioned before that my brother is in the military.

Widely regarded as the nicest picture of us as adults in existence
He's even done a guest post in the past about encountering a case of stolen valor. Fortunately, though, he now has a positive story, and we all know I like to spread the cheer here when I can.

He went out to Eat N Park last night with is fiancée to have dinner before he ships off soon for his annual two weeks' training, and since he'd just come from drill, he was still in uniform. When they finished their meal, the waitress informed them that someone else paid for their meal for him. Which I think is cool as hell. I always love hearing stories like this, and I love sharing them, too--it's so, so easy to focus on the bad, and it's always great to hear little reminders like this of people doing nice things for other people.

Thing is, my brother doesn't know who he was, and he'd like to thank that person. So if you were at Eat N Park Sunday night and paid for that goofy-looking kid up there's meal, know that he really appreciated it and would like to know who you are.

Thank you, kind stranger, and keep on spreading that kindness through the Nam.

In the meantime, a couple of us have suggested that my brother find a way to pay it forward.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dunbar American Legion shut down because of general debauchery, basically

The DA and state police announced today that the American Legion in Dunbar will be shut down.

DA Rich Bower cited 20 incidents over the past three years that contributed to the decision. I'm guessing one of them was from the end of March, when three people were arrested and police fired shots. Police also recovered multiple weapons and some marijuana. Oh, and then there was the deadly shooting that occurred at the place in 1997.

Bower said other incidents include harassment and sexual activity. He hasn't said, though, whether or not the closure is permanent.

But honestly, is there anything more American than violence and harassment with alcohol, too?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Rock the Yough music festival partners with Lynn's

Connellsville's upcoming music festival has a new partner--Lynn's!

Lynn's will donate a portion of their sales on the first Monday of every month to Rock the Yough, starting this month. So if you want to grab some dinner or a drink on your Monday and help support the budding music festival at the same time, be sure to head out to Lynn's tonight.

As excited as I am to see an event like this happening in Connellsville, unfortunately for me, I won't actually be able to go--it's the same day as my brother's wedding. So that just means everybody else has to go for me and have a great time! Check out the festival's Facebook page for up-to-date information on tickets and the lineup.

Rock the Yough will be held Aug. 6 at East Park. Proceeds benefit Connellsville's Parks and Rec board.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Connellsville Police warn of IRS scam

Tax season may nearly be over, but that doesn't stop scammers!

The Connellsville Police--though I can't imagine this scam is limited to Connellsville--have posted about a tax scam making the rounds, in which residents have received calls from people claiming to be the IRS, saying that they may be subject to a lawsuit/charges/warrant if they don't call a certain phone number. These calls aren't legit. Not only are they not from the IRS, but the IRS will never convey such information over the phone. In fact, as a general rule, almost no government agencies will, as with most businesses, and you should never give out any personal information or online.

If you receive such a call, the police advise you to simply ignore it. You can report it if you want.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Man arrested after police chase...and falling for a kind of obvious trap

I kind of love this story.

So, a man was arrested Saturday morning after a police chase. 31-year-old Christopher Greer of Uniontown was initially pulled over Thursday night because he has a history of driving with a suspended license--because, you know, having your license suspended and continuing to drive enough times that you have a reputation for doing it is a great idea. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, other than a police chase through town?

Police lost track of him on Fayette St., due to the fact that he was speeding, running lights and stop signs, etc., which was a bit dangerous.

Early Friday morning, police saw a Facebook post from him looking to sell an iPhone, and this is where things take a funny dumb-criminal turn. An officer texted Greer, pretending to be interested in buying the phone, and they arranged a meeting. Greer must've suspected something was off, because he didn't get out of his car--but he got surrounded anyway, backed into one of the police cruisers, and fled yet again. Good for him for being suspicious, I guess, but that probably would've come in handy before scheduling a meet-up with cops, especially considering he gave himself a flat tire, which resulted in him getting caught.

He's facing multiple charges, including charges of assault and reckless endangerment, with bail set at $20,000.