Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If It's Broke

This is in Connellsville right now. Apparently, it keeps getting worse, so I guess everyone in Connellsville is down with this and is relatively unconcerned about, you know, power lines coming down and ruining lives.

There was too much going on in the Facebook comments of this picture for me to screen cap. I'm lazy. But here are the highlights, which say more about this better than I ever could.

"All the more reason to drive around Connells hell instead of thru it."

I'll give you another (unnecessary) reason--Crawford Avenue. If that road doesn't strike the fear of God into your heart, nothing will. That said, Geibel alumni drive Crawford like a boss.

"yea how have i missed it. it was a solid pole the other day because iant that a new pole? just wait we will get a shitty xmas tree on there before it completely crumble," in reference, of course, to Connellsville's Christmas decorations. I'll post a picture of those when they put them up for Thanksgiving since I can't seem to find one now.

There's also talk of New Haven Hose and how it won't be fixed until it's a problem for them. I know nothing about New Haven Hose, but apparently they're the pride and joy of Connellsville. But my personal favorite comment on all of those completely nails it and expresses perfectly all of the Fayette County angst we all have. So I leave you with these words of wisdom from the man behind the myth and the legend Coffee on Crawford.

"A drunk cop probably hit the pole, so...they want to ignore it so it will go away. It is the same method they use on new business, the local economy and the area youth...it has worked for those things ...so why not this?"

Ladies and gentlemen, this man is your new lord and savior. Bow to him.

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  1. I passed this on Friday, and it presently has a bunch of "CAUTION" tape wrapped around it.