Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dogs Banned from Redstone Park

This is why we can't have nice things!

Since one of you has a dog that bit someone while it was on a leash, now no doggies are allowed to go to the park. Leash or no leash.

I understand the problem, but isn't banning all dogs after one bite a little harsh? Besides, we don't know why the dog bit. I tend to believe--with a few exceptions--that dogs won't bite you if you leave them alone. I mean, they're dogs. They get cranky and sometimes they bite when antagonized. Is the dog a little more mean-spirited than others? Did the owner warn this person by saying, "Hey, don't touch my dog" and the person didn't listen?

Fun fact: I've only heard my beagle growl once when he had to be moved while he was sleeping. I moved him; he growled. Which only proves my point that dogs get cranky when you bug them.

Then there's the poor nice doggies that are being banned unjustly.

And since when is the park responsible for the dogs and not the owners or people interacting with them? I get that people are afraid of legal accountability and lawsuits and all that, but seriously. The great Justin Stevenson always said, "You are responsible for you." So here's the deal: don't go walking up to unfriendly dogs and don't let your unfriendly dog ruin lives.

But wait! As it turns out, parks are for people, not dogs. 'Cause, you know, people haven't been taking dogs to parks since the dawn of time or anything. I mean, if people didn't take dogs to parks, 101 Dalmatians never would've happened, you guys.
"It’s a park for humans. If someone wants to get together and fund a dog park, we’d be willing to entertain that idea,” Williams said.

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