Monday, April 16, 2012

On Geibel's Spring Auction

First of all, I was just looking at my stats. Who is getting here by Googling "fayettenam gangsta pics" and why are you Googling "fayettenam gangsta pics?" And why do you think Fayettenam gangstas exist? They don't. They think they do, but they don't.

Anyway, obviously Geibel is just like a black hole that keeps sucking you in, since I've gone back twice this month. Except it's a black hole that usually costs you money. Especially at the spring auction, but I have to admit, it was a pretty good auction.

  • I did not find this out until maybe an hour ago when I was chatting with my roommates, but apparently in the very beginning they auctioned off a football signed by the Geibel football team for $450. Now, I could've sworn it was a signed Steelers football, but like I said, I wasn't paying attention so I just kind of assumed. I'm all for raising money and I paid a lot for some Larry Orlando calligraphy, but the calligraphy is gorgeous and the Geibel football team has historically been the Pittsburgh Pirates of high-school sports.
  • Now that we have that out of the way, the auction was filled with awesome stuff, including lots of signed Pens and Steelers gear (signed Staal jersey went for $500, signed Crosby one for $700, signed Lemieux puck for $400), gift certificates, weekend trips, and gift baskets. My other winnings included four tickets to the Carnegie Museums, two Pittsburgh Public Theater tickets, a signed Mike Green hockey stick my brother wanted, a Kindle Fire for my dad, and a basket of lottery tickets for my mom. Pretty impressive for a Catholic school's auction.
  • I am quickly becoming a cranky old person (yes, I'm 22--whatever). I haven't been inside the school in a year or so at least, and they have this new set of doors in the hallway that confused me. My reaction was, "What is this!?"
  • At least most of the teachers are the same. In fact, they're better now because I'm not getting yelled at for not having my shirt tucked in or procrastinating on their homework.
  • One of the art students made Nigel Thornberry. He wasn't for sale. I would've thrown down tons of cash for that.
  • Apparently, the sangria was good. I didn't have any, surprisingly. Drinking in my high school is a little weird, even though I considered bidding on a champagne brunch with the teachers.
  • I don't miss how unbearably hot that school gets. I don't miss how unbearably cold it gets, either, for that matter. I still hate whoever made the "no turning the heat on until November" rule.
  • Auctions appeal to my sense of competition. I just wanted to win! To which my boyfriend said, "Oh God. Don't spend everything." He knows me so well.
  • The 50/50 take was $800. I obviously didn't win.
  • Mr. Bell's Brass Knuckles Band is actually quite good. I'd never heard them before except for the muffled sounds of "Unchained Melody" outside the State Theater one night. Len was still working there.
  • I'm told that was the nicest Geibel auction in recent years.
And as further proof that Geibel is a black hole, two of my friends have subbed there and I'm planning on going back for prom's Grand March and probably graduation, even though I notoriously hate graduation ceremonies.

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