Monday, April 30, 2012

Fine Dining: Meloni's

For all you college kids finishing up finals and heading back to your home and one true love, Fayette County, welcome back! You know you missed us. You also know that being back kind of makes you want to go back to dorm life. If you graduated and have yet to find a job, don't worry! You will soon make it out with your soul at least somewhat intact. If you're working in the county, though, best of luck. May your job not keep you trapped forever, or may you make it to the big leagues of "where the rich people live."

Also, the other night, my former roommate was chatting with me and said, "Your blog is making me hate humans." I'd call that a solid endorsement.

Now, about Meloni's. It might be the best restaurant in Uniontown. Sure, Caporella's, Caileigh's, and Pasta Lorenzo may be among the nicer places and the Chinese buffet may own my heart, but Meloni's wins. Meloni's wins so much that my cousins from Belle Vernon even adore it and they always win the reader's polls.

Meloni's is primarily Italian, but they have plenty of other options with meat and seafood. My mom's a big fan of their fish with macaroni and cheese, and my dad likes the seafood salad. And as always, I get the same thing almost every time. I'm a big fan of the gnocchi, but pretty much anything with their sauce is guaranteed to be great. The gnocchi might be the best I've ever had, though, and I am a connoisseur of pastas (and all other carbs). I almost branched out the other night and had their alfredo or stuffed shells, but I wanted that gnocchi so bad it hindered my ability to make decisions. In fact, here's my pre-Meloni's tweet:

Too excited at the possibility of eating Meloni's tonight. If this doesn't happen, I'll be devastated.
4/28/12 4:29 PM

I was terrified that they'd be crowded. They were. They usually are on weekends. But if you're of age, you can cheat the system and swipe one of the booths in the bar.

Meloni's also does every part of the meal very well. Even the bread and salad is good. I'm guessing dessert is, too, but I ever make it that far. And best of all, you can get take-out!

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PS: The awesome Rob is still trying to raise money to put on his play. Donate! With Rob's sense and humor and wit, the show will be awesome.

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