Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Tidbits

  • Volunteer day at Ohiopyle Saturday.
  • Fr. Bob's homily from this week.
  • Fr. Bob's homily last week.
  • Yes, this list was made from my Facebook news feed.
  • Speaking of Fr. Bob and Facebook, he posts a lot of pictures of foodstuffs, frequently that he cooked himself. Makes me wish I had the patience for cooking. I just want to eat, not put effort into it! 
  • Something about extras for a Disney movie filming in October 5 in Dawson? Can I go? Will it be warm enough to raft so that they see me emerging from the water like a true river rat, looking a hot, Youghy mess? For legitimate details, though, I can hook you up with my contact.
  • Anyone want to make a zombie movie with me that involves zombie river rats ascending from the banks of the Yough?
  • The Connellsville library has a bunch of teen events lined up for fall. I'm amazed--and glad--that they're still in business. I don't know where else I would've gotten so many Nancy Drew books as a child otherwise.
  • The Ice Mine also has a schedule up regarding skating times and hockey business. Is there a lady team?
  • In Control writers are hoping for a Pittsburgh show after some rewrites next year. So am I, since I missed the premiere.
  • Gladys has announced its Holiday Dream Stars.
  • Have I mentioned Tee Minus 24 stole my heart?
  • Fayette Friends of Animals is holding a Cash Bash.
  • I didn't win anything at the calendar party. Story of my life.
  • Convenient list now, substance later.

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