Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fine Dining: Vinny's (Fall Edition)

As fall creeps closer and closer, Vinny's closing time creeps earlier and earlier. Such a bummer, because that means summer is ending and Vinny's will be closing for the winter soon enough. But there's a bright side to everything.


Fact: I gushed about these to my boyfriend and he laughed at me and probably said something about how I can carry on and on about food items like they're the second coming of Christ (my words, not his).

I mean, these things taste EXACTLY like pumpkin pie. Now, if you're like him, you're going, "Duh, Janelle. 'Pumpkin pie' means they taste like pumpkin pie." But how many places carry dessert items that allegedly taste like something and you eat it and you're like, "Yeah, kinda." Not here, friends. I was expecting orange-ish ice cream with a little bit of spice to it, but instead I got pure pumpkin flavor so intense that my tastebuds were totally confused as to why they weren't feeling the soft texture of pie but rather cold, creamy soft-serve. And there's graham cracker pie crust chunks in it.

Too bad those bitches aren't open in November. I'd buy that shit in bulk and eat it with my pumpkin pie. Overkill? Absolutely. The best idea ever? Absolutely.

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