Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Tidbits, or Things That Don't Need Their Own Posts

  • A Geibel alumnus (and former classmate of mine) is doing a photoshoot for ModCloth. Cool stuff. She also runs a fashion blog that's pretty successful.
  • Speaking of Geibel, they have some sort of fancy newfangled media center that has wireless internet and stuff. Why do high school kids need wireless internet at school? Back in my day, there were no laptops of smart phones. We came home, went on MySpace without our parents knowing on our desktop computers--maybe using dial-up--and we marveled at the wonders of technology!
  • More Geibel news: if you want the email newsletter for alumni, get Mrs. Cadwallader your email address.
  • The Nemacolin crash victims still need prayers. Check out the Facebook event for Paige. Even though Zack has passed, I'm keeping up with the novena I started the night after the accident.
  • Neubauer's is having some kind of Vera Bradley launch party, or something. I'm not a fan of Vera Bradley but lots of other people are, so okay.
  • Ohipyle has a newsletter out about vacation rentals. Definitely something to look into if you don't have the luxury of being a 20-minute drive away.

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  1. There will probably be a line around the block for the Vera Bradley launch party... and every one will be a teacher.