Friday, September 16, 2011

Zack Nelson

I hate to report this, but Zack Nelson died last night from injuries in the car accident near Nemacolin last weekend.

All my support and kudos has to go to his family right now, especially his parents, Danny and Trish, who are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I not only had the pleasure of knowing them through my mother, but I also had the honor of covering their annual golf outing that benefits Special Olympics for last summer. But most importantly, Danny & Trish are handling this so much better than I think many of us would. Case in point: their interview with WPXI, which they handle like total bosses. Most impressively of all, though, is not just their calm but the way they are focusing on the positives, which has to be commended. And those positives shouldn't be overlooked--despite the loss, and even though so many of us were praying very hard for a different outcome, Zack did act to protect another passenger in the car.

"Our focus is on what a hero our son was," Trish told WPXI. "Even though this was a horrible thing, we have tried to turn it and get as much good from this bad situation as we possibly can."

They also realize this could've happened to anyone.

"It could have been Zachary or anyone's son or daughter driving that car," Dan said. "Yes, that person made a mistake, but it could have been anybody and we realize that."

Like I said: BOSS. I think we can all learn something from them about not only getting through tragedy but also forgiving and not holding on to anger. 

Meanwhile, Paige Hardy has been upgraded to fair condition and the driver has been charged.

May Zack rest in peace, and may the Nelson family continue to stay strong.

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