Monday, September 5, 2011

Ohiopyle Dogs UPDATE

First of all, I am alive and well and have not forgotten or abandoned you, Fayettenamese--I just started a full-time, grown-up, post-college job that requires a degree and eight hours a day and everything. It's out of the county (in Canonsburg) so add my commute to that and you have a girl who only has a few hours a night right now to unwind and tend to other commitments. My weekend excuse is a long-distance boyfriend coming home.

But here I am. And since I know you don't read the comments, because why would you, I figured I'd fill you in on some of the dogs found at Ohiopyle and other animal stuff from SPCA worker Josh.

First of all, both dogs were adopted out to good homes within 2-3 weeks of their arrival there, so hooray for a success story! Unfortunately, one ended up having to go back due to its adopter being deployed to Kuwait, but was re-adopted by someone else.

Josh also said that the SPCA has lots of other animals in need of good homes, so if you're in the market for a new family pet, by all means start with shelters. While the SPCA is not a no-kill shelter, the animals still need homes. I can promise you that between the county's shelters, one of them will have something that suits your needs--don't go to a breeder or pet store or anything. They have puppies, purebreds, gentle dogs, playful dogs, animals good for kids, and most importantly animals that need a second chance. Allegedly, rescue dogs are more affectionate because they know they were rescued. So get on that!

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