Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fine Dining: Fat Angelo's

I really need to explore local places more, but I'm a creature of habit. Until I get tired of Chinese food or don't feel like driving to pick up said Chinese food--both very rare occasions. But they do happen. That's how I got the family to order from Fat Angelo's the other night. That and pasta's the one food I never get tired of.

They have a lot, especially for a little place that's pretty much just take-out and delivery only. Pizzas, sandwiches, hoagies, salads, pastas, desserts, everything. And the pastas are baked with a pretty serious layer of cheese on top and come with breadsticks and a salad. And I like them more than Vinny's. They seem to be a tiny bit cheaper than Vinny's, too, but just as filling.

Their one catch? Delivery comes with a $2 fee and you have to have a minimum of a $10 order. I live close enough that we can convince someone to stop being lazy and drive down, but it's kind of annoying considering practically no one will deliver here.

All in all? Really good. And the staff is super nice. Even offered to carry the food out to the car for me.

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