Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Punk Priest

Religion's a touchy subject these days and Catholicism comes under a lot of criticism, and in my opinion rightfully so (which isn't to say some opponents are always right either--which brings the fact that this is all a touchy subject full circle). And how many of us have been bored by a dry, long-winded priests? What about a young priest who sings Green Day in his homilies? That's Fr. Bob, the self-proclaimed "Punk Priest" from Perryopolis.

He even has his own website. How cool is that? It tells you everything you need to know about him, including links to his blog and videos of his masses and homilies, which are typically filmed and posted on YouTube weekly.

For those of us who aren't great fans of the Catholic church, Fr. Bob is someone who can keep us interested and someone we can relate to. When he visited my middle school ages ago, we weren't afraid to open up to him and ask him all sorts of questions, and he was up-front and honest. In high school, he kept our attention during masses by singing, being loud, and walking around the gym where we had mass rather than standing still behind a podium. Plus he's a super nice guy and he's cool.

And according to my dad, the only foodie in this house greater than me, his church had the best fish dinners during Lent. Best of all? He was back there helping the little old ladies cook it.

Here's his latest homily. It's hard not to pay attention to him.

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