Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Published Book

The latest Nam book is all about it's long-lost racetracks and speedways.

Wait...what? We had those things?

Okay, so we had a speedway, but it only lasted six years: 1916-1922. But still, it's really cool. Unfortunately it's also another reminder of the booming, fun place Fayette County once was, but whatever.

The book is by Marci McGuinness, who has one other book about the Uniontown speedway already published. But it gets even cooler--she's also producing a movie based on it.

The HS article is full of other neat facts, too, like the fact that the builder of the lovely Titlow brought the first car to Uniontown and started the county's first automobile club. The film will be told from his perspective and will showcase the booming, wealthy place Uniontown once was. Kudos, McGuinness, but way to rub it in. Apparently, though, the end of the track contributed to the economic demise of the rest of this place since it had some pretty big financial backers and drew in huge crowds. You know we had to have some badass flappers hitting up the speedway pre-speakeasy night out.

McGuinness also now operates her own publishing company and is one of the area's most prominent writers. The upcoming book is her 26th in 30 years.

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