Monday, August 15, 2011

Tales from Pechins

Fayette County doesn't believe in too much information (then again, neither do I--with exceptions).

One of my cashier sources had an interesting encounter with a customer who'd previously purchased a box of pads. They were sitting in her purse with their nice little paid sticker, minding their own business as she purchased other goods, when she decided to pull them out and show them to my source. Just to show she paid for them. Even though they were in her purse and not out or anything.

The box was also open.

Everyone knew what was coming next.

The rest is hazy, as my male source has supressed the albeit recent encounter, but the one thing he remembers is her saying, "I just needed these really badly" with the open box held right up to his face.

In the words of my source, "People at Pechins have no inhibitions at all."

Case in point: the story of the man who needed baby powder for his testicles, but that's another story for another day.

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