Monday, May 14, 2012

Fine Dining: Potter's

Let's be honest: some of the Nam's best food comes from its bars, whether it's Bud Murphy's pizza or Sherwood's fries or potato chips. Potter's is more in the sandwich business. The super cheap sandwich business.

They have tons of interesting options, all pretty much under $5. They also have great spinach dip and zucchini fries, although as the #2 reigning expert on Fayette County's zucchini products, they're not as good as Bud Murphy's fried zucchini. The #1 zucchini expert, by the way, is my mom.

Potter's makes for a good, cheap, low-key night out in Uniontown. They're cash only, though, but fortunately, if you're short, there is an ATM.
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