Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If It's Broke: Update #2

I guess you could say I have minions, because people are contacting me with updates on this silly telephone pole. I'm getting obsessed, just because that telephone pole is so stupid.

Thanks for the photo, Marisa! Now, onto business.

WTF, Connellsville!? This is not a solution. In fact, this picture troubles me even more because you can clearly see the telephone pole is teetering precariously on some shards of wood, and the caution tape isn't so much wrapped around it as it is draped like a Coal Queen sash. That caution tape is going to do nothing but make people laugh. I'm proof of that. It's not even wrapped properly around the pole!

I'm even kind of confused, because I don't know if the tape is supposed to be fixing it or warning people. Either way, it's failing, and either way, that's not going to stop that thing from crashing down over Crawford Avenue.

If you're going to try everything except replacing it, why not at least try something that might be effective? Like duct tape. How has this option not been explored already? This is Fayette County. Duct tape is all we use to fix our cars. How else are our cling-wrap windows supposed to stay on?

You better get it fixed by Thanksgiving, Connellsville, because otherwise your annual Christmas decorations might weigh it down and push it too far in the danger zone.

Best of all, I first posted about this three weeks ago. Three weeks, longer if you count the time it took me to get to it, and this beast just gets caution tape. You guys are going to be in so much trouble when this mauls someone.

 In the meantime, if you notice any changes--an actual fix, more precarious leaning, etc., let me know! In fact, if there's anything you think I should know about, tell me about it. I'm more likely to talk about it that way. You can e-mail me, Tweet me, or get me on Facebook.

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