Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is This Real? This Can't Be Real.

This requires some explaining.

See, a few days ago, reporter Josh Krysak tweeted that basically someone called him a racist for doing his job. Now, I have no idea what happened, but being that Mr. Krysak is the crime reporter, I can only imagine the exchange was epic. I decided to do some internet searching to see if I can could find perhaps a public comment left on the paper or elsewhere, and while I did find that he apparently does have some enemies who do think he's a racist, I didn't find anything really substantial. Like, you know, Krysak actually saying or doing anything racist. Instead, I somehow found this video.

The video itself is uninteresting. It's just these vehicles stuck in the snow. If that was viral gold, I should've filmed my dad getting stuck in the driveway during Snowmageddon. But look at that title!

You guys, the comments are INSANE. More uses of the word "toolbag" than I've ever seen in my life, including that phase when my college roommate and I were really into VH1's Tool Academy as a guilty-pleasure show.

First of all, why are so many people watching this video, and why do they all have something to say about snow and toolbags? Apparently, someone took offense to someone making fun of a truck stuck in the snow. And then I don't even know what happens except all hell breaks loose. To the point where I think, "This isn't real, is it?"
"dumb ass deepbleuzue, it's a 4x4 don't advertise your stupidity on" you tube" a 2whl dr wouldn't of made it to there.....just some friendly advise, Perhaps you and buckwheat should spend less time on here and more time with the family counselor, there may not be any help for you but don't deprive the young ones! any who know you, I'm sure would agree with me. Have a good day. Your friend, Toolbag"
And the reply...
"hey pa tool bag STUPIDITY IS THE ONE TRYING TO GET THE TRUCK UNSTUCK.. ur the dumbass thats stuck not me..... oh thats right your gayass friend had to help you try to pull ur stuck ass out of the snow. Your the fd up one go to therapy yourself you damned RACIST toolbag. PLEASE IF YOU HAD THE BALLS YOU WOULD HAVE SHOWN THEM BY NOW SO TAKE YOUR LITTLE PINK VIDEO CAMERA AND YOUR PRINCESS JACKET N BE THE BITCH U REALLY R!!!"
I don't know what just happened.

Then you've got the classic Fayette County insults like, "People from fayette county are inbreds lol why don't we just give the whole county to west virginia" HARSH. Also, I know Fayette County isn't the epitome of class and taste,  but how are people making incest jokes on YouTube setting a good example? I appreciate jokes at the Nam's expense, but I draw the line at inbreeding. Why? Because you dudes have clearly never watched The X-Files.

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