Friday, May 11, 2012

Vinny's Is Open!

Vinny's has been open so long at this point already this year that when my brother first told me it was open for the season, I didn't believe him. And then I kept forgetting and didn't make it down there for weeks, but when I did, I started with an order of fried mushrooms and a strawberry shortcake sundae.

But I've decided to officially branch out and try one of everything on the menu, minus stuff I know I won't like. Which is probably nothing.

I'm going to start with whatever they're advertising on their sign and see how far that gets me. Last year, I tried their Hawaiian avalanche, which I believe was pineapple and banana mixed in vanilla ice cream (the avalanche is the equivalent of the Dairy Queen blizzard or the McDonald's McFlurry). My first adventure this year was the peanut butter fudge brownie avalanche. If that sounds like pure delicious to you, that's because it is. Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and little chunks of brownie. I approve. It's kind of similar to Connellsville's Frosty's Jack and Jill, which is also a delightful combination of chocolate and peanut butter--just without the brownie chunks. Although I believe Jack and Jill comes in milkshake form, so there's that.

Remember: sundaes like strawberry shortcake and black forest actually have cake in them, and no matter what size order of fries you get, it'll be given to you in a brown paper bag. I've seen three people fail to finish a large. You can get them with gravy. They also have dinners. So get down there!

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