Saturday, May 5, 2012

On Making Fun

Interesting conversations happen when you get a few Nam natives on the South Side after a couple of drinks. If this were a Pittsburgh blog, I might tell you how great the Batman shot at Pregames is or how amazing Bar 11 is with its black lights, highlighters, and toys, but this is a Fayette County blog. I'm going to tell you about what happens when you give those natives those Batman shots.

We start feeling pretty good and we start talking about home. Like I often say, this place is easy to make fun of no matter where you're from, but it's still where we came from. That does have its pros and cons.

Sure, this place is a mess with a ton of problems, and it's not a place where many of my friends have stayed in beyond college. Fayette County has nothing to offer us, but that doesn't mean we're above it. Allegheny and Westmoreland counties might have bragging rights on that one, but if you're from Fayette County, you can hate it all you want but you are still one of us. You'll score points for being employed, sober, and nonviolent, but this is where you came from and you can't deny that. Everyone has a little bit of Fayette County in them whether they like it or not.

As much as many of us want to get out, our parents stayed here for a reason. Fayette County wasn't always a joke, and even when our parents were our age, it wasn't terrible. In the right areas, it also wasn't a terrible place to grow up. I may have horror stories about what happened in some of my schools, but I was able to (for the most part) play outside and walk down the street to the store and have a good time.

Making fun is okay, but just remember where you came from, Fayettenamese. You're never too good for your home.

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