Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fine Dining: Italian Oven

You know, I don't actually know how widespread Italian Oven is. Uniontown used to have one, and even though Uniontown is king when it comes to restaurants in the Nam, it's gone now. The chain itself has no official site, but individual restaurants/areas do. Connellsville's is on Angelfire. Fayette County, you are a time warp.

Italian Oven is like a smaller, not quite as good version of Olive Garden. Uniontown is allegedly getting an Olive Garden, but that rumor's been circulating for at least 10 years. I'll believe it when I'm devouring the breadsticks.

Normally, I might not focus too much on a chain because usually the rest of the world knows about them before Fayette County does. But Italian Oven is notable because it's basically the only place to go in Connellsville for a nicer meal. Everything else is mainly bars and fast food. I thought maybe I was forgetting something, but when three other people were asked for input on where to eat in Connellsville, no one else could think of an alternative.

The food is good. Typical Italian. They do breads and salads very well, and you have crayons to color on the paper tablecloths. They have big glass windows up so you can see into the kitchens, and when I was little, having the cooks trace my hand in neon and write my name under it was the coolest thing ever. It was probably still the coolest thing ever when I was in high school, too, because where else are you gonna eat after the Christmas dance?

It's good, but unless you'd prefer to eat in Connellsville, you're better off trekking into Uniontown for Meloni's or Pasta Lorenzo, or even The Grotto if you're up for a long wait.

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