Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today, a friend of mine witnessed what is probably one of the greatest things ever seen in Fayette County.

Unfortunately, this is a screen cap from a video the passenger in her car managed to take and it is the best and so far only image of this man in existence. What is he wearing, you ask? A Nerds candy box.

While we don't know why he was wearing it, we do know where he got it because another friend's sister and her daughter witnessed him acquire it--in the Dairy Queen drive-through behind him. The employees were about to throw it out, but he wanted it. I guess so he could wear it along Crawford Avenue.

The full video depicts him very briefly on the street, and after we lose sight of him, he starts dancing. Also, I don't even know if that link will work because I believe the profile is private. Bummer.

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