Saturday, October 31, 2015

A PSA of sorts

It may shock you to learn that keeping this blog isn't exactly a positive, enjoy experience most of the time. It's why updates have become somewhat infrequent--yes, overtime at work is a factor, but sourcing content to post is just...not enjoyable. Not everything that happens here is bad, but it's disheartening to be scrolling through news items and see articles about child abuse, for example.

Almost none of us need reminding of the numerous problem plaguing Fayette County. We see it every day. Some of us live it. Others don't and are fortunate enough to have come from good, loving homes free from issues like drug addiction, abuse, or poverty.

I'm not perfect, but I try not to make fun or pass judgment beyond specific incidents. I don't think it's right or appropriate, and that attitude isn't limited to my own words and actions--I believe all people deserve respect and should be mature enough to show it. I believe one of the county's major problems is the inability to do so paired with the attitude that some people in the county are better than others.

I expect people who comment on posts on my Facebook page (and here, but let's be honest, Facebook is a cesspool), to be respectful. I was disgusted by a comment left on a news article I shared, and I immediately deleted it--and then I immediately regretted it, only because it meant I didn't have it preserved verbatim to discuss it now.

The comment was on an article about a spay and neuter clinic for pets. Someone who thought they were clever--and this is paraphrased, of course--said they hoped the clinic was for women who had children to multiple fathers to get welfare money. I can't say for sure because this was over a week or so ago now, but I believe the actual word used was "whores."

Let me be clear, just in case I haven't already--I absolutely will not tolerate anyone saying such things on my page. I don't think it's ever okay to call a woman a "whore," for starters, or any variation of that word, and it's especially disgusting to compare women to animals and to suggest some should be sterilized, especially when that's a very real thing done to women around the world. I don't think it's ever okay to make assumptions about a woman's children, their father(s), or why those children were brought into this world, especially if you're trying to suggest a woman is intentionally procreating to get more money from the government. If you don't know someone, it's not your place to comment.

You think you're somehow above people on welfare? You're wrong. You think you're above people who are struggling? You're wrong. You think making these statements doesn't make you part of Fayette County's problems? You're wrong.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Nam on Twitter: Jackson Farms

I swear I tweet about Jackson Farms every time I buy their milk. Whatever.
Unfortunately, he only bought a quart. It's just barely made it through 24 hours in this apartment.

Also, that tweet went vastly under-appreciated.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Nam on Facebook: Sonic

I once ordered a sub at Sheetz as an MTO that was supposed to be an Italian sub, but I added extra cheese and Italian dressing. Apparently, the employee thought that meant I only wanted cheese and Italian dressing, so I essentially got a cheese sandwich on a six-inch sub. So this problem isn't unique to Sonic.

That said, it's also highly likely that the employee was erring on the side of caution, because we all know there are people out there who would order a bacon cheeseburger but without bacon and cheese and pickles only. I mean, I'm a vegetarian who's known to go to restaurants that serve, say, chicken alfredo and ask for it without the chicken.

But the real star here is Benjamin. He knows what's up.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Check out my parents' bathroom remodel

My parents had their bathroom remodeled over the summer, and for some dumb reason, I didn't think to blog about it until now. I mean, it was done by the local Buckel Remodeling--which, full disclosure, is my boyfriend's dad.

The pictures are ones my mom took and put on her Pinterest. I wish I had before pictures to show you as a comparison, but picture yellow walls with a ladybug and vines on one side and pretty plain features elsewhere--plan white linoleum floor, plain white tub and countertop, plain wood cabinetry. Not only does the new bathroom look nicer and more high-end, but it actually looks and feels bigger, too.

One of my mom's favorite features is the built-in shelves in the shower.

Another favorite is the soft-close cabinets.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Nam on Twitter: Just Married

To be fair, I'd probably do this. Might've needed some ice cream, ya know? Or maybe it was their driver. Or maybe they just never washed "just married" off their car.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Nam on Twitter: Commissioner Debate

I might've mentioned this before, but I'm not the greatest with keeping up with local politics. Having to work a lot of overtime lately hasn't helped, either. So I didn't know had a commissioner debate a few nights ago, and I don't know who's running--aside from the usual suspects--or what they plan to do. But I do know that I can fully get behind what little I've heard about Jack Cole.
For one, I'm also an Independent. But more importantly, he seems to understand what one of Fayette County's biggest problems is. I'm a firm believe that if you start with addressing the drug problem, everything else will turn around, even if it's in baby steps and even it takes a long time. People need help, and they aren't getting enough of it.

So at least for now, Musings from Fayettenam endorses Jack Cole for commissioner. Because, you know, I'm sure he'd be totally thrilled to know that.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Errybody gettin' raided

  • The U.S. Attorney's office filed a forfeiture complaint against about $900,000 seized from Joseph Croftcheck, believed to be generated through selling cocaine at Croftcheck Auto Sales.
  • A shopping plaza was raided by agents representing multiple government agencies, including the DEA, though investigators would not say if anything was found or removed.
  • A methadone clinic was raided, though investigators wouldn't say why.
Y'all better start implementing legal business practices. Who's next?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fine Dining: The Titlow

I've only ever eaten at The Titlow in Uniontown once before, and I don't even remember when it was or why, other than the fact that I was in a group. Honestly, it's got Meloni's next door working against it for me. Meloni's is my favorite. Like, I once got really excited about going to a baby shower almost exclusively because it was at Meloni's. But this post isn't about Meloni's.

A friend of my mom's is visiting from New York (and y'all should check out her Instagram--she recently took a bunch of nice shots around the area, captioned with historical facts, which like no one does here) and the two of them got together, plus my mom's best friend and me, for dinner Monday night. After some suggestions and learning that first choice Caporella's is closed on Mondays, we settled on The Titlow.

Naturally, of all nights to get stuck at work for an extra hour, I got stuck Monday night. So I can't speak much for the experience before I arrived, but I'm told they had some trouble getting good service. Granted, this may be because they were waiting on me and passed the time mostly by drinking and talking. They were fans of their drinks, though, and I myself enjoyed their Hawaii 5-0.

For dinner, I had the pasta primavera, which wasn't particularly impressive but was still good, albeit with slightly undercooked noodles for my taste. My mom enjoyed the night's special, a trio of eggplant, chicken, and I believe veal parmesan. It's worth noting she was only able to eat about half of eat and boxed up the rest, and while that's something I usually end up doing at restaurants, I actually found I had a perfect portion, including my starter salad. That said, it's a dicey discussion for me--there's a very good chance I was just really, really hungry after working an extra hour, driving an hour, and then circling the area trying to find parking, which is rare for Uniontown. But it was a busy night for The Titlow.

FYI--if you're going somewhere other than Meloni's, don't park at Meloni's. They will tow you. They're not just making that up.

Our other two dining companions both ordered the tuna, and they were unfortunately disappointed in its size, including its side of broccoli. But they did say it tasted really good, despite one not being prepared the way it had been requested.

All but my mom got dessert. I sprung for one of my favorites, cannoli, and you really can't go wrong there.

In the end, it wasn't a bad night at The Titlow, but it was certainly an off night. I won't entirely fault them for it and I won't avoid the place, but they're gonna have a hard time luring me away from, you guessed it, Meloni's.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scenes from Ohiopyle

The fall foliage isn't at its peak right now, but damn if the mountains aren't getting pretty.
A photo posted by Janelle (@littlejanelle) on

And if you go on the bike trail then take the Kentuck trail off to the right and wander back a ways, you get to this little baby waterfall.

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And of course, there's the big falls.

A photo posted by Janelle (@littlejanelle) on
We ended the night at Fiesta Azteca, my boyfriend's favorite, where he tried the special, Pollo Relleno. It was chicken covered in a mango sauce served over spinach and mushrooms with mashed potatoes and rice. The mashed potatoes tasted a lot like tacos, which is to say delicious, and I loved the mango sauce--but I may be partial since mango is my favorite fruit. My boyfriend said it was the best thing he's ever had there but admitted it's not his favorite. That honor still goes to pork carnitas.

Hope you had a good weekend, guys! I promise, more posts forthcoming. You'd be surprised how working a mere hour of overtime a night can kill your usual evening routine.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Nam on Twitter: First Weekend of the Month

Much as I hate to comment on welfare in Fayette County sometimes because those discussions turn nasty very quickly, I can't deny that there are noticeable crowds in the county at the start of every month. My trip into town yesterday was no different. Long line at the movies--which can also be attributed to the closing of the Laurel Mall's theater and the fact that Uniontown only ever has one cashier working at a time--long line at Wendy's, all out crowd in FYE at the mall. Reminded me of how the only time people shopped at the late Borders was when it was closing and everything was half off.

On that note, go see "The Martian," guys.