Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fine Dining: The Titlow

I've only ever eaten at The Titlow in Uniontown once before, and I don't even remember when it was or why, other than the fact that I was in a group. Honestly, it's got Meloni's next door working against it for me. Meloni's is my favorite. Like, I once got really excited about going to a baby shower almost exclusively because it was at Meloni's. But this post isn't about Meloni's.

A friend of my mom's is visiting from New York (and y'all should check out her Instagram--she recently took a bunch of nice shots around the area, captioned with historical facts, which like no one does here) and the two of them got together, plus my mom's best friend and me, for dinner Monday night. After some suggestions and learning that first choice Caporella's is closed on Mondays, we settled on The Titlow.

Naturally, of all nights to get stuck at work for an extra hour, I got stuck Monday night. So I can't speak much for the experience before I arrived, but I'm told they had some trouble getting good service. Granted, this may be because they were waiting on me and passed the time mostly by drinking and talking. They were fans of their drinks, though, and I myself enjoyed their Hawaii 5-0.

For dinner, I had the pasta primavera, which wasn't particularly impressive but was still good, albeit with slightly undercooked noodles for my taste. My mom enjoyed the night's special, a trio of eggplant, chicken, and I believe veal parmesan. It's worth noting she was only able to eat about half of eat and boxed up the rest, and while that's something I usually end up doing at restaurants, I actually found I had a perfect portion, including my starter salad. That said, it's a dicey discussion for me--there's a very good chance I was just really, really hungry after working an extra hour, driving an hour, and then circling the area trying to find parking, which is rare for Uniontown. But it was a busy night for The Titlow.

FYI--if you're going somewhere other than Meloni's, don't park at Meloni's. They will tow you. They're not just making that up.

Our other two dining companions both ordered the tuna, and they were unfortunately disappointed in its size, including its side of broccoli. But they did say it tasted really good, despite one not being prepared the way it had been requested.

All but my mom got dessert. I sprung for one of my favorites, cannoli, and you really can't go wrong there.

In the end, it wasn't a bad night at The Titlow, but it was certainly an off night. I won't entirely fault them for it and I won't avoid the place, but they're gonna have a hard time luring me away from, you guessed it, Meloni's.

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