Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Nam on Twitter: Commissioner Debate

I might've mentioned this before, but I'm not the greatest with keeping up with local politics. Having to work a lot of overtime lately hasn't helped, either. So I didn't know had a commissioner debate a few nights ago, and I don't know who's running--aside from the usual suspects--or what they plan to do. But I do know that I can fully get behind what little I've heard about Jack Cole.
For one, I'm also an Independent. But more importantly, he seems to understand what one of Fayette County's biggest problems is. I'm a firm believe that if you start with addressing the drug problem, everything else will turn around, even if it's in baby steps and even it takes a long time. People need help, and they aren't getting enough of it.

So at least for now, Musings from Fayettenam endorses Jack Cole for commissioner. Because, you know, I'm sure he'd be totally thrilled to know that.

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