Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Depths of My Inbox

First of all, tons of thanks once again to the amazing That's Church for the ridiculous spike in hits. If you came here from there and are sticking around for the wacky fun, welcome! P.S. Go like the Facebook page.

Second, it's not too terribly wacky around here lately, because my mom's coworker's 17-year-old son died in a car accident, his funeral was Tuesday, and it's kind of bringing us all down. A friend of his wrote a song for his family that was allegedly on YouTube, but I couldn't find it, which is probably for the best because I cry super easily with these things. I'd elaborate, but the list of movies I've shed tears in is embarrassing.

And then I got this email a while back about gas drilling and since it's actually a local, I figured I'd share (a paraphrased version) of her story.

She lives right outside Point Marion, and unfortunately feels like people don't care about what's happening to her and her family, who have been getting sick for the past two years. The impression I'm getting is that for some reason, she also believes the DEP's "in the industry's pocket," and who knows? Apparently, they haven't helped matters. They've spent tons of money trying to get help and answers, they've sought legal action, and aren't able to move away.

So there you have it, Fayettenamese, from someone who's living it rather than from some crazy hippie who saw a documentary in a political class.

The good news? She no longer feels alone thanks to the blog. Aww.

As for sending me emails, I greatly encourage it. In fact, if there's something you want me to know or pretty much want to guarantee getting a post on something, send me an email about it. I'll hit it eventually, I promise! One of these days, I'll also get around to posting the pictures I've snapped on my phone. Gems.

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