Thursday, April 26, 2012

Uh...What Happened Today?

First of all, looking at the analytics of this blog scares me sometimes. Someone got here by Googling "arson without being caught." They can search your computer for searches like that if you're suspected of arson, guys. They have the technology.

Anyway...I go to work for eight hours and all hell breaks loose in the Nam? For real? Wait, that's not surprising. But so much went down that we were trending on Twitter, and no way is that ever a good thing.

First, a woman was shot while lounging by the Mighty Yough. If you're wondering why they used the phrase "the area known as South Connellsville Beach," that's because--you guessed it--it's not actually much of a beach.

What scares me is who did it and why. It was either an accident (you really never know here) or someone had something against her or someone just felt like shooting a girl at the beach. Hard to say which is more likely.

As a result, my friend's sister has made it a point to remind her that rafts aren't bulletproof. Does this mean we'll have to take to the raging waters armed? I mean, people with weed and babies is bad enough, but I don't want to see what happens when you throw a gun into that mix.

So while we were all processing that information, there was a car chase. Then there was a drug bust. The two events were actually unrelated, even though apparently the driver of the car in the chase threw drugs out his window. 'Cause, you know, that's gonna help his case.

As for the drug bust, it was epic. According to crime reporter Josh Krysak, 330 live plants were taken from the house. They're actually calling it a "grow lab" and say it is "very sophisticated."

Was it operated by Nancy Botwin or something?

How is Weeds not the number-one show in the Nam?

The estimated value of the drugs was $500,000. The man charged in the operation has his bail set at $100,000. His drugs were worth more than his bail! Am I the only one seeing a problem with this?

Nine dogs were also removed from the house, because living one Fayette County stereotype isn't enough.

Mr. Krysak also posted some great pictures.

That's my favorite. Look at all those neighbors enjoying the show!

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