Sunday, April 15, 2012

On Geibel's Cats

  • The State Theater isn't the same without Len. I don't care if people disliked him. They only disliked him because they were afraid of him, and they were only afraid of him because Len takes theater super serious and high schoolers don't. High schoolers also don't appreciate his pompadour or amazing taste in button-down shirts. Sure, he could be mean, but only if you were rude or an idiot. Which means I was on his good side. He was actually quite funny and did crazy things like climb all over the balcony to adjust lighting. He also heckled the shows over the headset. In fact, the heckling was so inappropriate that Geibel student directors who were on headset with him were not allowed to repeat what they heard. I had the great fortune of working with him in a non-Geibel show and I can tell you the things said over the headset were amazing and hilarious. One day I'll share, but for now know that he was allegedly fired for drinking at work, which was probably a coping mechanism.
  • The sound system is still terrible. Didn't they just get a new one and put in new massive dressing rooms? So why does it still cut out and sound bad? I blame the lack of Len for this. Len was on that shit.
  • Who is responsible for allowing candy and drinks in the theater? I was one crinkly wrapper away from setting something on fire. 
  • On that note, just because it's a high-school production does not mean you can be rude and talk the whole time and let your kids declare that they just farted. I know we're not good at high class and the arts, Fayette County, but come on! Also, when they say pictures aren't allowed, that means pictures aren't allowed, so don't be surprised when your flash distracts the entire mezzanine and gets you evil glares.
  • Cats was good. Most of the people who say that it wasn't hated Cats to begin with. I am not one of those people. In fact, this is me when I watch Cats:
  • Some of the songs were too high and the dancers weren't always in synch. But I enjoyed it and didn't spend the whole show thinking, "PLEASE GOD LET IT END" or "DID YOUR PARENTS PAY OFF THE ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION FOR YOU TO GET THIS PART!?" I'm looking at you, Connellsville. I will never let Bye, Bye Birdie go. Never.
  • While we're talking about Connellsville musicals, one of my coworkers who went there in their musical heyday admits it's gotten bad. Anyone remember Titanic
  • That choreography doesn't fool me. I've seen the DVD like 100 times and I happen to know most of those steps were recycled. This is only forgivable because they're good and really, how many cat-like dance steps are there?
Stay tuned, because next we're going to talk about the Geibel auction and how I creep on Neubauer's on Facebook to see their gorgeous flowers and Fayette County teenagers' questionable prom dresses.

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