Monday, November 4, 2013

Geibel Student Suspended for Racial Bullying

Details are pretty much unavailable, but a Geibel student was suspended for racial bullying after an African-American student filed a complaint against said bully for using racial slurs multiple times.

I'm not particularly surprised this is coming out of Fayette County, especially considering the things I've heard people say in person (and that one time I witnessed blackface at a party), but I am surprised this is coming out of Geibel. I'm curious as to who it is, but if anyone knows, they're not telling me--not that I'd share, I'm just wondering if I know them and if they're someone I know to have a reputation for bullying.
“It’s unfortunate that this happened, but it does not reflect the student body or the student culture at Geibel Catholic,” said Principal Don Favero.
Hence my surprise. Granted, Geibel is by no means immune to bullying--as I said, I know of a few reputed bullies, and experiences with my fellow Seniors '07 weren't always great. I once spent an entire volleyball game having to listen to a classmate make fun of me right behind me the whole time. The last time I saw him over the summer, he tried to hug me at a party. I'm told he's a much nicer guy now and I don't want to go holding grudges, but I'm not about to be all BFFs with someone who was mean.

Favero says the incident was dealt with per the Safe School Act of 1995, which requires an immediate 10-day suspension, a call to state police and a note on the actor’s permanent disciplinary record.
The school also went a step further and asked its religious education teacher to add a discussion about racial bullying to the lesson plan.
“We wanted to put a component in and reemphasize the sensitivity to each other, mutual respect, mutual tolerance, loved and concern as Christians for one another,” said Favero.
 Definitely good to see the appropriate steps were taken. The bullied student has since changed schools, which is unfortunate, but I can't say I blame them.

So here's the deal, my fellow Fayettenamese: be kind to each other. I'm not going to give you a reason to because you don't need one.

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