Saturday, August 9, 2014

Golfers hospitalized after fight over rules

This is why we can't have nice things.
An argument about water hazard rules started on the fifth hole. The debate “escalated quickly” in the fairway of the seventh hole. 
“One of my pro shop employees got a call that someone got hurt on No. 7, got hit with a club, but thought it was a ball,” said golf course owner Joseph Gudac Jr.
I get arguing over rules. Fine. Anyone who has ever played a board game with a sibling has been there. But I like that they just kept going until they got physical, although that's obviously the only way we know how to solve our problems.
When he arrived, Gudac found a 43-year-old golfer who was seeing birdies of a different kind. 
“Symptoms of a concussion, says he was hit with a club,” Gudac said.
The golfers' names haven't been released, which leads me to believe they're well-known/reputable enough in the area that some reputations may be bruised and some people may be embarrassed--especially considering this was the Fayette County Open Championship. On second thought, that makes the violence all the more expected.

Both are being charged with assault.

And quite unsurprisingly, Gudac also said he was "embarrassed."

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