Friday, August 1, 2014

So, It Hasn't Been a Great Week for the Fair

I was just out of town with my parents and dog, lamenting the likelihood that I'd miss the fair festivities this year--but from the sounds of things, the fair was a bit rough this year.

The trouble started with the abysmal weather we've been having, which meant the fair's fireworks were postponed twice and other events got canceled.

Then a man was injured on an ATV during motocross events.

And then last night, a horse was killed in an accident involving two cars.
[A]n SUV was traveling northbound on Route 119 near Ranch Road in when it struck the horse at 9:56 p.m. A passenger in the SUV was flown to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. 
The fair board has yet to comment, but the horse was involved in events at the fair. The Facebook theory is that the horse got spooked during the rescheduled fireworks. This hasn't been confirmed, but it does seem likely and fireworks while animals are out does seem unwise. I mean, my aforementioned dog is hard enough to wrangle during fireworks.

The good news is you can win a knife that says "SUPER BITCH."

UPDATE: So, a U-Haul overturned nearby Saturday night, so basically all emergency personnel is so done and glad the fair is over.

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