Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Judge will consider settlement in lawsuit against Joe Hardy

A lawsuit against Joe Hardy regarding the death of Zack Nelson may be settled for $200,000.
The lawsuit contends Hardy is liable because he allegedly knew his daughter hosted underage drinking parties, including the one that ended in the fatal accident, but did nothing to cut off her access to alcohol.  
Paige Hardy was cleared of liability in August when a judge found that, under the state's “social host” doctrine, minors who give alcohol to other minors cannot be held liable. 
Through their attorneys, Thomas E. Crenney & Associates of Sewickley, the Nelsons on Monday filed a petition and proposed settlement agreement seeking a judge's approval to end their claims against Joseph and Paige Hardy for $200,000.
Not exactly a win--the Hardys aren't admitting to any liability or wrongdoing despite the settlement--but it is something. Maybe the Hardy family will learn something from all this.

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