Friday, June 20, 2014

Update! The Airport Edition

When we last heard talk of the airport and the incoming prison, reader Marybeth was accosted by security (a man who may or may not have ties to a missing-persons case) for taking pictures, and I (and other readers/commenters) concluded that site is clearly the Nam's own Area 51. Most recently, the Airport Authority Board defended these actions.
Joseph Maher, board vice-chairman, said that Neckerauer did act appropriately when he approached Homistek and inquired as to her business at the airport.
Now, an inquiry I do kind of understand. I even kind of understand people getting huffy with someone who's making it a point to be so involved because hey, maybe they see her as a threat, but frankly, the Nam needs more people getting all up in local politicians' business. But the encounter, as you may recall, was a bit more forceful than security politely saying something like, "Good day, ma'am, might I kindly inquire as to your business at the airport?"
Pointing to national incidents involving aircraft, including 9/11 when United Airlines Flight 93 piloted by terrorists crashed into a Somerset County farm field, Maher said that precautionary measures must be adhered to to to prevent such activity.
So, what, you mean to tell me someone at that little airport is gonna be able to hijack a plane and fly it into a building? Although, now that I think about, I have frequently seen people with cameras at airports and thought, "Oh, shit, we're about to get hijacked!" Like I said, I get security measures, but equating taking pictures with terrorism is a bit of a stretch. Which I consider to be proof of that Area 51 theory.

At the time, Homeland Security was allegedly notified, but a call made by Marybeth revealed that to be false.
"...[A representative] said that they would be outraged to have to look at such a letter," she said.
Marybeth also feels that the boys at the commissioners meetings aren't so welcoming to the ladies. Now, I haven't been to one such meeting since my dad was honored at one when I was in high school for his actions in Iraq, and I don't remember any of it, so I can't contribute my own experiences here. But I can say anecdotal evidence--and not just from Marybeth, but even the notorious conflicts with Commissioner Zimmerlink--suggests that these allegations of sexism might have some merit.

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