Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sword vs. Barbecue Brush, Victor Wins Walmart Gift Card

So, I was on my lunch break at work the other day, scrolling through Twitter like I do, when I saw something about a sword in Fayette County. Now, I assumed it was something to do with the Uniontwon Ninja, because how many people in this county are brandishing swords? Well, at least two, apparently.
A North Union man escaped serious injury Friday when a Uniontown man slashed him with a sword, state police said. [...] Workman related that he then grabbed a spatula and metal brush off his grill on the porch to defend himself. 
Can't blame the victim of the sword attack from wanting to defend himself, but I don't really think a barbecue brush is gonna cut it...yet he did win, and the sword-wielding thief was thwarted in his attempt to take a $6 Walmart gift card. I know we struggle financially here, guys, but is six bucks that crucial to you?

Is it even a question that this made the Morning Freak Show?


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