Saturday, May 14, 2011

Uniontown Ninja Strikes Again

Or does he?

After a man dressed as a ninja ran around Uniontown causing all kinds of shenanigans, a video hit YouTube poking fun at the incident. This ninja asked police to back off from the investigation and demanded a case of Milwaukee's Best beer. I'm sure some can be purchased at Uniontown Beer.

The creator of the video is actually a state police corporal working on the case who doesn't see anything wrong with it...or at least he didn't when asked. Because now when you try to watch the video as it's embedded on news station's websites, you get a fun message that says, "This video is private."


Boo! Hiss! This is the most crushing disappointment I've felt in a long while. If you're going to create YouTube shenanigans, commit to them. Don't post them, get tons of publicity, then back out. Especially if you're "just making fun of a stupid criminal" like the rest of us, even though doing so when you're a cop is probably questionable and definitely unprofessional. It's a bit too late to back out, though. I once heard it said that what you say on the internet echoes in eternity...or on Pittsburgh news stations, where Fayette County has to be a laughingstock. I'd pay big money to hear what those reporters say when someone gives them a new Fayette County story.

Plenty of Fayette County nonsense has hit YouTube in the past and stayed there, but I'll get to that later. The greatest Fayette County YouTube ever created needs its own post, because I need to discuss it in unnecessary detail, if only for my own entertainment.

Meanwhile, the ninja is still on the prowl, which may have something to do with why I had a dream about a Uniontown (but technically Lemont Furnace) sniper last night.

Constant vigilance, Fayettenam.

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