Friday, May 27, 2011

Ice Cream Truck Turf War

Well, at least it's not gang violence.

Police had to get involved in a "turf war" between two rival ice cream trucks in Uniontown (article worth the read for the numerous ice cream puns alone). One of the drivers tried to run the other off the road. Figures that not even our ice cream men can be peaceful, normal, sane people. When the driver was questioned, he said it was the other way around and that it wasn't the first time they've had trouble.
Their identities weren't revealed since no charges were filed, but unless there's a third ice cream truck around, you know your friendly neighborhood ice cream man is involved.

If they don't settle down, their permits may be revoked.

On behalf of the children of the Nam, and myself even though I never manage to catch the truck that comes up here, give peace a chance. We need our ice cream. The one in my neighborhood even gives the dogs treats.

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