Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Tweets from the Nam

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get a picture. Also, I probably shouldn't ask my cousins to take pictures while driving.

More importantly, though, is the fact that this is unsurprising--it's pretty much socially acceptable. It is also acceptable to drive ATVs, even though that's ended in death, and farm equipment. Unless you're driving said farm equipment in front of me and I can't pass you and I'm on my way to Bud Murphy's for the best pizza in the county (obviously, this is a scientifically proven fact).

Also acceptable: putting random stuff on your porch.

No room inside? No problem! That's why the Fayettenam gods gave us porches.

The best part is these tweets are from the same day and were posted within like an hour of each other.

Twitter was created for this county.

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