Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Attention All Dog Lovers

Usually when I get an email from one of my parents, it's either my mom forwarding me a story about a violent crime intended for me to help protect myself that isn't true or it's my dad forwarding me an angry political email that isn't true. This time, though, Mom sent something useful. Dad hasn't and probably never will.

These two dogs were found at Ohiopyle on April 30 along the river.

Yesterday, the Fayette County SPCA picked them up so if they're yours, know who they belong to, or just want them, get in touch with the SPCA via email or phone at 724-438-3121.

I'm told the SPCA is a kill shelter. I can't confirm this 100%, but I'm fairly certain it's true given past experiences with Fayette Friends of Animals, which claims to be the county's only no-kill shelter. Now, some people will tell you not to get an animal from a kill shelter because the adoption fees will help keep the shelter operational and technically pay for more animals to be killed, but you're also saving a life if you adopt.

And on that note, don't go to pet stores or breeders--adopt. Shelters are crowded and animals are taken there for tons of different reasons, and they all need good homes. Shelter dogs are said to be more affectionate because they know they were given a second chance. My beagle was adopted from Fayette Friends of Animals and he's very sweet when he's not doing things like choosing to ignore you or growling when you disturb his sleep. When we got him, my mom said no dogs on the furniture. He's asleep on the couch right now.


  1. Hey this is Josh i work for the fayette SPCA and i am the one who picked the dogs up from ohio pyle i just did a google search and this was one of the things that popped up.. Both dogs ended up getting adopted out and both got a good home.. They were both adopted out within in a 2/3 weeks of me picking them up... The burmese was the first to get adopted then the white and brindle. Though the lady that adopted the white in brindle did unfortunately have to bring him back because she is apart of our armed services and she got deployed to kuwait.. The dog did get adopted back out to a good home..

    Josh K.

  2. Also we have a bunch of really good dogs down there still that need a good and loving home.. So please if you know anyone looking for a dog to add to their family please come down and take a look at our dogs before making a decision...