Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sometimes, We Clearly Want Publicity

First of all, if you're on Twitter and want to stay up on Fayette County crime pretty much as it happens, follow Herald-Standard crime reporter Josh Krysak. He posts it and does all the work. I just retweet it. Even when it's silly and won't even make the paper. Like last night.

The newsroom got a call from a guy who really wanted to get in the paper, apparently. That mission failed, but he did make it on this blog!

Mr. Krysak very kindly told me what happened. It goes like this: This dude bought wings, and they were burnt. He was mad, as anyone would be, and went to complain. They refused to give him a refund, so in true Fayette County fashion, he overreacted and smeared the wings all over the restaurant's windows, which got him arrested and he ended up paying $900 in fines.

This reminds me of the infamous hot dog incident. Because sometimes, complaining just isn't enough.

I'm officially convinced that when people make bad decisions in this county, they want attention for it. And they get it, and everyone makes fun of the county, and then people complain that we're just a laughingstock, and then someone does something ridiculous and the cycle repeats itself.

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