Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hot Diggity Dogs

Yesterday's post about the homeless man sexually propositioning women took place on Beeson Boulevard in Uniontown, and I was reminded of another interesting incident along Beeson. What happened? A woman threw a hot dog in an argument with an employee. I wish I could find the original article from the Herald-Standard, because it was one of the most entertaining articles I've ever read, thanks to the writer's decision to use every possible word for "hot dog."

The good news is that Beeson isn't always chaotic. I get my hair cut at Shear Symmetry, and Obama's campaign office during the election was along Beeson. It was also the most colorfully decorated building along Beeson, and I'd love to post a picture of it but I've discovered that no one in Fayette County seems to take pictures of anything. Ever.


  1. How many different words can there be for "hot dog?" Seems like it would be kinda limited.

  2. You'd think, but the writer had a lot and was very creative. It was wonderful.