Friday, February 18, 2011

The Church of Universal Love and Music

Oh man, I haven't had a post about drugs in so long.

First, thanks to Justin for sending me the most recent article about the Church of Universal Love and Music (read the Mission Statement, seriously). Things have been pretty quiet regarding the Church lately, so I'm pretty excited.

Fayette-Nam's place for what I imagine are our very few hippies, the Church calls itself "a nondenominational, interfaith based church, committed to the spiritual and mental growth of each individual by uniting the body, mind, and spirit." How do they accomplish this? Concerts, mainly. Oh yeah, and drugs. I've heard stories of pork chops being cooked and handed out at the entrance, so I wanted to go to see it for myself. Thanks to a raid in August 2009, I may never have that chance.

Two trailers full of pot, hash brownies, hallucinogenic mushrooms, acid, and laughing gas. Twenty-two arrests. Countless unhappy hippies that have no church.

All confiscated.

It got a very large front-page feature in the paper.

The founder and owner is sueing the county, saying the raid violated the "good faith" of a settlement that allowed him to hold the concerts in the first place. The county wants him to drop it. He also sued in the past, saying the zoning restrictions that prevented him from having the concerts violated his religious freedom.

Poor Church. They were only having a good time and growing spiritually.


  1. Oh man the stories I have heard about this place. I wanted to go just to say I went there.

  2. Lolz no matter what I cannot imagine an unhappy hippie. There's just something about their nature that just makes them eternally zen no matter the situation.

  3. Any church that hands out pork chops at the entrance is o.k. by me.

    This is hippie harassment. :)