Sunday, February 13, 2011

More from KissFM

I mentioned before the news stories about a woman who smeared a dirty diaper on a car at the Fayette County fair and the man who hid drugs in his kid's Elmo backpack. The thing is, I never thought to check KissFM's website for commentary on either story from Mikey and Big Bob until just now, for some reason. And sure enough, here's their take on the dirty diaper story and the Elmo backpack.

At least we're entertaining, right?

And Kiss has many more wonderful FayetteNam things to listen to. Uniontown's very own alleged pregnant man. Tiger sighting. Ass-kicking granny. No Ho Zone sign. Indecent exposure fines. And then a naked robber. And a very nice Fayette County check-in. Unfortunately nothing too recent that I haven't already posted, but I'll keep listening. We're bound to be featured again sooner or later.

Stand tall and stand proud, Fayette County.


  1. "Alleged pregnant man?" Oh geez lol

  2. I love these. Also, I read this yesterday and thought of your blog:

    "William Pritts and his Church of Universal Love and Music sued Fayette County over an August 2009 drug raid in which 22 people were arrested and the church's zoning rights to hold the concerts was rescinded as a result."

    I think this might have been the guy with the peace sign tattoo you mentioned before - the "fellow child of peace" guy.

  3. Thanks, Justin! I'll probably talk about that next week, since I have my post for tonight planned, but I do want to talk about it. The Church of Universal Love and Music is one of my favorite things ever, and I never got to go before the raid. Epic tragedy.

    If the guy with the tattoo wasn't at least a fan of the Church, I'd be really surprised.