Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes We Make Late Night TV

My very determined roommate found a clip from a November episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where he mentions a news story straight from Uniontown about a woman hiding marijuana in a dirty diaper. The actual news story can be found here and Jimmy's monologue is below. It's the very last joke he tells, so if you're not a fan of Jimmy Fallon and want to skip ahead, it's around the three minute mark.

The thing is, stories like this are kind of common, and I don't just mean drugs. I mean hiding weed in bizarre or terrible places (sometimes involving children) and new uses for dirty diapers.

For example, the guy who hid weed in his kindergartner's Elmo backpack and the woman who smeared a dirty diaper on a car window during a traffic dispute while leaving the county fair. All in the span of a few months.


  1. This is just...too much. I wish I could think of something constructive to say other than I can't wait for the 2011 fair and hope to witness some news like this in real life.

  2. Unfortunately, I believe this all too easily. People have tried stuff like this to steal from retail stores. They'll go and bring their baby in with them and then hide something in the carrier and walk right out the door with it.