Friday, January 21, 2011

RIP Conn-Area

So, my former middle school - which also has an elementary school - is moving into my former high school.

This means that the former building will be empty now and that Geibel will now somehow have to accommodate preschool through high school seniors, although this may not be a problem with the tiny class sizes. The graduating class of 2010 had 39 kids, and the elementary and middle school classes are even smaller.

The high school kids probably won't be happy. My class was cranky enough when they decided to add a middle school, but we didn't get any renovations like these kids are going to. We got a worse dress code with expensive uniforms that didn't keep us warm in the winter, much like the building's heat.

Among the new additions are WiFi classrooms (I'm not sure why) and an outdoor playground, which makes sense with the elementary kids moving over, but Conn-Area never had a playground anyway. Recess was outside in a parking lot. Actually, gym class was there most of the time, too. And not only will these kids have a playground, but they also won't have to worry about kicking a ball too hard and sending it rolling at a brilliant speed down the hill - a problem I didn't have because I hated kickball and couldn't kick hard anyway.

It does sound like a lot of nice changes are on the way, though, so good for them.


  1. those uniforms were sooo horrible!
    i would wear a long sleeve shirt under a long sleeve polo shirt and still be freezing
    hopefully these kids have heat

  2. Even though this post didn't make me laugh, it was a nice change of pace from the more unfortunate side of Fayette County. I'm happy to read they are trying to make a better educational envirotnment for all the Catholic children of The Nam.

  3. We do have some good things going for us, which can't be ignored. Although the other side of the improvements is the fact that I'd bet Conn-Area mainly couldn't afford to maintain the building because of shrinking class sizes and therefore less money coming in.

  4. Don't you hate it when they save all the good renovations until after you leave? My high school did pretty much the same thing.

  5. Any idea what they'll do with the empty building?

  6. My friends & I had a running joke that we wanted to buy it before this, so of course that's what we want to happen. In true Fayette County style it'll probably turn into a parking lot.