Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not All News Is Funny

Yeah, we're easy to make fun of, especially with all the ridiculous drug-related stories. Kiss FM and late night TV have both proven that. What can't be made fun of is the very sad, unfortunate fact that in Fayette County, abuse of all kinds is very common. In just a few days, kids were removed from a home considered "deplorable," a man went to court for throwing a Christmas tree on his one-year-old daughter, and a toddler was found wandering alone in the street.

Not to mention that in our only Target this morning, I heard a woman use the word "fuck" when yelling at her kid in the middle of the store. She also told him she was going to beat his ass. Things like this happen regularly, leaving me - and I'm sure others - with the interesting and difficult dilemma of whether or not we should say anything. The sad reality is we're all pretty used to it. The only thing somewhat unusual about this is usually these things happen in Wal-Mart, which is tends to be crowded, chaotic, and frustrating. Target is usually a quiet and calm store. Just not today.

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