Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breaking News!

According to Herald-Standard crime reporter Josh Krysak's Twitter, a homeless man was cited earlier today for shouting sexual propositions at women at a bus stop. The news story itself is developing. And don't worry, Josh let Mikey know. Mikey, about an hour later, said that Fayette County hasn't had any good stories yet in 2011, which would explain why we haven't had a new one on the Morning Freak Show in a while.

Since this took place at a bus stop, that means they were waiting for the glorious FACT bus.

Speaking of sexual propositions, the well-known Gallatin Avenue prositutes in Uniontown are probably still doing pretty well. I know that nod and question of, "How are you doing?" as they stand on the sidewalk, thanks to the fact that they weren't afraid to try to make customers of our dads picking us up and carpooling us from dance class when I was little. And they inspired that No Ho Zone sign mentioned on Kiss.


  1. Ah, a visual and an audio! Fayette is coming to life. (For your memoir projects, I think a full-length piece on the No Ho Zone and dad-pick-up-lines is in order, don't you? Perfect!)

  2. I know the feeling of awkwardness when someone tries to proposition your dad while you're around. It happened all the time when I went down to Las Vegas with him >.< These people (looked Mexican) kept snapping these mini-fliers for hookers against their wrists and trying to hand them out. I was about ready to knock them out it was getting so annoying >.>